April 2020


My October in a few photos…

I started October in Stockholm, exploring an incredibly beautiful city.

My hotel was near T-Östermalmstorg, a vibrant part of the city. I’d planned to spend Saturday morning taking a free walking tour of the city, but the tour group was excessively large and there was only one tour guide, so I skipped out and […]

Recently Seen in Berlin

Berlin’s fernsehturm — Berlin’s iconic tower. Sometimes photogenic, but not always.

The Schӧneberg gasometer – in my ‘hood. Visible for miles.

This is Potsdamer Platz on a brilliant Sunday morning. Could not look better.

A week ago I popped in to Tastees, Berlin’s Jamaican restaurant, for dinner. Amazingly good food.

I’ve […]

Random Shots of Berlin’s Wedding

I recently picked up a new camera – so new that I ran into a slight problem: my computer’s software doesn’t have the ability to read the camera’s raw output – fortunately I can still take JPGs and the default settings have been fantastic.

Actually, I am rediscovering how much I love Berlin through the […]

Two positive customer service experiences in one day: Foto Meyer and the… uh… US IRS!

Today, after a long day of work, I had one mission to achieve: getting my camera cleaned. While in the Shetlands I’d noticed that there was a speck of dust in the viewfinder, but that said speck of dust was not showing up in my photographs.

Thank goodness – so I put off dealing with […]

My last day in London – with Hairy Goat

The Shard, Europe’s tallest building.

I’ve been meaning to throw up a couple pictures from my last day in London –it’s only been three weeks. I don’t really have a good excuse other than the fact that work has been keeping me extremely busy, and when I’ve left work, I’ve been feeling exceptionally lazy […]

A Misty Friday in Berlin.

There’s construction near my office — and today I looked in the hole and saw wiring.

In Alexanderplatz there are quite a few One-Man Bratwurst vendors — today 1.35€ per bratwurst.

Berlin’s famous Fernsehturm was shrouded in low lying clouds this afternoon. Probably not the best afternoon to go up the tower.


Things I saw Saturday morning…

Passing an empty playground, I discovered all these autos lined up.

Walking down the cold street, a warm flower…

Bollards do hard work, and a thoughtful Berliner knitted them some hats…



I flew a kite today…

The air was filled with things that fly!

After a busy morning that involved lots of reading, I headed over to Templehof – once an airport, today a park.

A very cool flying bat!

It’s legacy as an airport was fitting today: I went to Templehof to fly a kite with my SA […]

Surfacing, Maybe…

I’ve overscheduled myself this past week with something going on every day after work – whether going to the gym (Tuesday and Thursday) or hosting a friend overnight Friday evening. I’ve now even hired a maid, who came for the first time Wednesday. I’ve also had other things going on in my free-time.

This, in […]

I’ve been too busy to tell you about my weekend in Amsterdam!

Apple Heaven

In the hustle and bustle of the last week (in the last week, between the pointless physical therapy and other meetings, I had stuff to do every afternoon after work) I forgot (not really) about my trip to Amsterdam last weekend.

It was a splendid long weekend: I left Berlin first thing […]