July 2022


I flew a kite today…

The air was filled with things that fly!

After a busy morning that involved lots of reading, I headed over to Templehof – once an airport, today a park.

A very cool flying bat!

It’s legacy as an airport was fitting today: I went to Templehof to fly a kite with my SA […]

Surfacing, Maybe…

I’ve overscheduled myself this past week with something going on every day after work – whether going to the gym (Tuesday and Thursday) or hosting a friend overnight Friday evening. I’ve now even hired a maid, who came for the first time Wednesday. I’ve also had other things going on in my free-time.

This, in […]

I’ve been too busy to tell you about my weekend in Amsterdam!

Apple Heaven

In the hustle and bustle of the last week (in the last week, between the pointless physical therapy and other meetings, I had stuff to do every afternoon after work) I forgot (not really) about my trip to Amsterdam last weekend.

It was a splendid long weekend: I left Berlin first thing […]

18:00 Central European Time: Today I was at the dry-cleaners…

A couple weeks ago, I realized that I haven’t been playing with my camera enough and I decided to set myself a challenge of documenting my life every day in February – by taking a photograph at the same time, 18:00, Central European Time, every single day.

Picking the time was a bit tricky because […]

Email from a “professional” translating firm…

View from Yerevan

Over the weekend I received a request from a professional translation agency to use one of my photos out of my Flickr stream on their new website.

Unfortunately my initial thought was that the professional translating firm should work on improving their English before they work on their website. I wouldn’t […]

Locks of Love

Hohenzollern Bridge


Gendarmenmarkt & The Festival of Lights

Konzerthaus Berlin & Französischer Dom, using a fisheye

Deutscher Dom

Französischer Dom

Deutscher Dom, using a fisheye


Have you noticed? Lots of photos…

Recently I got a present – an expensive present – and I was able to do most of the choosing of the bits.

Since the information is out there, it’s a Canon 60D.

What I’ve come to discover, which I had suspected, is that I really didn’t know a lot about photography and that I […]

Five on the Fifth: My Town

It’s the fifth and thus time for Five on the Fifth — and I remembered to bring my camera

The topic this month is “My Town” — an easy topic for me since I live in and love Berlin

If you want to see more, visit Five on the Fifth #26 | The State of […]

#11FMB – The exhibition

Last night I headed over to see the Berlin Fotomarathon’s exhibition.

Although I could have cheated and looked at the chart indicating where the my photos were displayed, I opted to just wander and be surprised.

It was really excellent seeing all of the creative genius on display. Clearly I am not […]