June 2021


Things I can say, Six Days after #11FMB

Upon further reflection, I have to confess, I really enjoyed the Fotomarathon – far more than I expected, and unless the Fotomarathon coincides with CSD 2012 (Berlin’s Gay Pride parade and celebration), I will definitely do it again next year.

I say that, even as I remember that it took far more out of me […]

My #11FMB (2011 Fotomarathon Berlin) Day

My muscles are surprisingly sore today. I hadn’t expected this after taking 24 photographs around Berlin yesterday for the Berlin Fotomarathon.

For a quick recap: the Fotomarathon is an event where you take 24 photos, in sequence, that illustrate specific themes or ideas, that all some how fit into one larger, overall motto. At the […]

No time to write.

I noted recently that since moving to Berlin, my life’s become busy.

So, rather than ramble on and on about crap, here are the highlights of my life, right now:

First, the weather, although warm, is much nicer today than it was yesterday. Yesterday Berlin was a humid mess and it was sticky just walking […]

It’s a Culture Kind of Month.

After finishing work in Bloomington I headed north to Indianapolis—not that I like Indianapolis at all, but I needed am “Adam-Time” away from it all. I ended up spending my Friday afternoon looking for something in Indy, and not finding it – the biggest problem with Indianapolis is that there is no there there, and […]

Five on the Fifth: Fun and Games

It’s January and it’s the fifth, which means I’m participating in Five on the Fifth. This time the theme is “fun and games.”

There are a lot of ways to take on the idea of “fun and games”, and I think that my five are split between Berlin and my apartment. First up is Berlin: […]

3 More Scottish Photos


Five on the Fifth: Round

It’s October and it’s the fifth, which makes it the second time that I’m participating in Five on the Fifth. This time the theme is “round” and on Sunday I went around some of the celebrations of German Reunification (20 years!). All of my photos are from within a slow-paced 10 minute walk of Brandenburg […]

My Religion is sane. That other one is…

Before I get started, let me be painfully clear about a couple of things:

I am an atheist, and like many atheists I’m pretty well informed when it comes to things religious, even more so than the religious. I believe that religion has done far more harm to society than to help it, however I […]

5 on the Fifth: Blue

Awhile back I participated in a weekly photo challenge, which I ultimately dropped because it was weekly and I had trouble keeping up. So while the frequency was too great, I wasn’t completely opposed to the idea of doing some kind of photography challenge–and over the last couple of month’s the participation by torchy in […]

Fotografieren Verboten!!

I hope the owner of this Christmas Market Stall, located on a public street in the center of Weimar, doesn’t mind me putting up a picture of his bird houses.

I wasn’t the only one taking photos of the beautiful creations!