May 2020


In Lisbon, Again

For those of you keeping track of me, I’m in Lisbon.

The trip was relatively painless: I’d rented a Mini Cooper for Saturday night, so all I had to do was get up, take a shower, and drive it over to the Leipzig Airport, which it did quite well—I peaked at about 190 on the […]



When one thinks of traditional Portuguese culture, one is compelled to think of Fado.

Fado is the Portuguese word for “fate” and it refers to a musical style of love songs that are sung while you are eating your dinner.

In Lisbon there are lots of Fado restaurants, many of them are geared specifically for […]

Gulbenkian Museums

Sunday, my last day in Lisbon, I got lucky.

Oddly enough, despite having been to Lisbon twice, I have not yet purchased the Lonely Planet Guide to Portugal—so when it comes to leisure activities in Lisbon, I am exceptionally clueless. I have only my friends and my gay guide to the planet to help me.


Happy Weekend!

Skin burning hot, yet I am chilled.

The sheets were a thousand dagger points, pushing against my skin.

Sunburn sucks, but it was worth it.

Probably no more blogging until Monday evening: I must change hotels and I am fairly certain my next hotel does not have net access.

Bag Check

Monday, when I wing my way back to Leipzig, I will have to check my bag.

I have no option because I spent 9,80€ on the bottle of Disoderme Gel, as seen to the right. It’s 150ml and for me, at least for now, it is essential.

I overexposed myself.

And I mean that in […]

So… Busted!

Yesterday’s tour of Portugal was not without its amusing aspects. I was taken around by J and M, who have a 2 year old daughter, R. The most amazing aspect of their daughter is that they are raising her to speak Portuguese (her mother’s native tongue), Swiss-German (her father’s native tongue), and English. Apparently the […]

Wednesday in Portugal

The weather turned out to be far nicer than forecasted: sunny, warm, and perfect. What follows is a photo essay of my day, in five pictures.

Never turn your back on the water, even when posing for a photo. I had a wet posterior for hours.

I think this is body surfing? Looks […]

Cabo Da Roca

Cabo Da Roca

Originally uploaded by elmada.

This will be a brief post.

In the photo to the right, I’m standing at “Cabo Da Roca,” which is located at the western most point of Continental Europe.

It’s on top of a rather high cliff, so there’s no sticking your feet in the ocean […]

I love Lisbon!

Merry Christmas!! Originally uploaded by elmada.

I’m in Lisbon.

Considering that when I arrived in Lisbon that I knew absolutely nothing about this city—other than the fact that it is the capital of Portugal, it’s remarkable how fast my love affair has grown.

I have absolutely no idea why I was so ignorant about […]