May 2020


HH: Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg on Friday

This past weekend I made my way to Hamburg—the first German city I’d ever visited.

First off, I did not puke this time. I didn’t even get drunk.

Consequently, I enjoyed the city much more, and, quite frankly, I was in a far better position as a (dare I use the word) middle aged guy […]


This game is NSFW, but if you’re at home and of age, check out this game.

Personally I max out at about 25,000 points.

I don’t see how its possible to do that much better, but the high scores are off the map!

Queer(ty) Times

I’m getting more and more perturbed with the gay rights movement—at least the visible parts of it—in America.

One of the gay “news” blogs I follow, Queerty, has followed the story about South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford with some kind of strange fixation.

While I will admit that the governor is a hypocritical anti-gay idiot, […]

We have winners! Ian and Jul!

Seen in Rotterdam!

Ultimately I decided upon two Photo Contest winners: Ian in Hamburg for his “clean” responses of “Christmas Tree” and “Buttplug”, and Jul for the more accurate responses of “Buttplug” and “Buttplug.”

After taking the photo, I sent a link of it to one of my Dutch friends who doesn’t live in […]

S.T.H: Pervalicious!

Saturday in Berlin, before heading to the mp3 Experiment, Snooker and I stopped by the new Exile gallery located near Hallesches Tor. To read about it though, you’ll need to click through—and keep in mind that while there are no photos in this particular blog entry, the text might be NSFW.


Covert Behavior

Today I received an alarming Action Alert from the American Family Association:

Dear Adam,

Planned Parenthood, the billion dollar corporate abortion provider, has taken immorality to a whole new level and is using your taxpayer dollars to spread its toxic propaganda.

A new Planned Parenthood promotional Web site (http://www.takecaredownthere.org/), which targets youth and is called […]

HIV Testing

Friday was National HIV Testing Day. I got a jump start on the occasion actually…I took the test the week before last and got the results back on Wednesday.

The testing process is unpleasant enough that I can understand why many people don’t take it. I don’t mean that the process is physically unpleasant…the test […]

Oral Killing

I hadn’t realized the source of all the problems in the United States until yesterday, and Samee wanted me to write about it.

It was back on June 7, 1965, when the US Supreme Court ruled that it was okay to break the law and sell unmarried women birth control pills in Connecticut—and thusly an […]

Self Help!

The photo below the fold might be considered NSFW in America. However I did take the photo on the streets of Rotterdam where it is in full view of everybody, including kids.

Public Sex

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I am oblivious to men cruising for sex unless it’s painfully blatant (see Guadalajara) or it’s pointed out on a map (see Vancouver).

Maybe it’s because the idea of hooking up in the woods doesn’t really appeal to me. I’m more into the fresh out of […]