March 2021


My Sofa-Bed has now been used as a bed!

It’s a bed!

This weekend I’m hosting Cathy of I’m Learning How to Cook fame—she’s up here for a two day seminar and needed some place to crash. She’s at the seminar right now and this morning I forgot to ask her how it works as a bed. I hope it was comfy!

Before […]

Target’s Up & Up: Accidentally Amusing

One thing that I like to do whilst in the States is pop into local drug stores and pick up things that are inexpensive Stateside, but expensive in Germany, including, for example, aspirin.

This trip I stopped by Target and I noticed for the first time that their house brand had changed. I don’t know […]

Things I do not want to do in the next week, in Germany: Shop.

This year is an “Adam—allein zu Haus” kind of Christmas.

Translated in to English, that’s “Adam, alone at home”, a variation on the “Kevin—allein zu Haus” them that Americans know as “Home Alone”.

My plan is to avoid shopping after Saturday until after the Christmas holidays. If I could actually swing it, I would avoid […]

I have a new coffee table!

The Couchtisch, delivered.

After ordering my new couch, it suddenly dawned on me that I would finally have enough space in my apartment to have a coffee table – and so I started the quest to find the perfect coffee table.

I discounted Ikea almost immediately – I have enough Ikea furniture in my […]

The Germans managed to spoil a good rant – but why? (Alternative Title: My Sofa Was Delivered a Day Early)


I’m annoyed.

You see, I already had a blog entry mentally composed for tomorrow in which I was going to simultaneously complain about the delivery of my new sofa while, at the same time, praising its good looks and tell you how much I love it.

Unfortunately, the fine folks at the Mulipolster […]

Random Musings for the week…

Stuff that’s been in my head, and I want to get it off my chest.

Recently I’ve been remembering a conversation that I had back when I lived in Bloomington between grad students – we were talking about money and debt. As I recall there was one spouse there, and the spouse said something like, […]

New Toys…

I needed a new phillips head screwdriver screwdriver because I’ve some how managed to destroy the one that I have. The new folding 2-meter measuring stick replaces the one that snapped in an unfortunate accident. The 5-meter tape measure is just for fun…

My gay genes failed me […]

A Satisfactory Saturday

After spending the Tag der Deutschen Einheit, a day off, getting stuff done—I’m happy to report that I’ve also spent my Saturday getting stuff done.

In addition to a bit of freelancing, Wednesday included mundane chores like changing the filter on my bathroom fan. Honestly, this is not a complicated chore, but it does require […]

Coming soon(-ish) to my apartment

My version of this sofa will come in a slightly lighter grey fabric and with burgundy red pillows. It is a sofa bed, where the front slides forward a bit and the back flips next to it, thus making a fairly large mattress — although clearly the front part, where the arms […]

More fun than I expected…

Last night I kind of nerded out and started sorting through a massive stack of paperwork that’s accumulated over the past month – there’s something cathartic about sorting through all of it, punching holes in documents and putting them in binders.

Maybe that’s not nerding, per se, but a sign of being too German.

I […]