October 2021


Saturday Statistics

6 hours sleep.

4 loads of laundry: 1 each: colors, whites, towels, sheets

1 trip to the grocery store

1 load of dishes in the dishwasher

1 Economist


Toilets, Revisited.

On board ICE 127 International, En route to Weimar, just past Köln.

I’ve acquired a new problem—motion sickness when traveling on high speed ICE trains.

My problem is compounded by the fact that last night I did not sleep well at all—in fact it was an incredibly fitful sleep—punctured three or four times with long […]

On the Upswing

I knew I was getting better when upon waking up this morning, my first urge was to do the laundry.

In fact, I have finished three loads and am now washing the fourth-which contain, most importantly of all, my sheets-meaning that I will not be reinfecting myself when I go to bed tonight.

Actually I […]


I know I’m sick when I feel like my greatest achievement of the day was going to the supermarket and buying two packages of tissues because I was almost out.

So far I’ve spent the vast majority of today asleep.

Unfortunately this means I am not going to participate at all in Christopher Street Days.



I lay down on my bed to try and finish a book tonight. Instead I fell asleep, waking at 1am. I’ll probably go back to bed shortly.

For what it’s worth, I confirmed the hotel in Bratislava, and hope to do the same for Budapest sometime today. I didn’t get my first (gay) choice, nor […]

Fireworks and Sleep

I spent last night in Weimar-actually I am still here.

I came over to Weimar to watch fireworks down by the River Ilm, which due to the late setting sun was correspondingly late. The fireworks finally went off at 10:30 and were rather spectacular. It was a substitute for my non-existent Fourth of July. Well, […]