August 2022


Best Accidental Purchase, 2009

As some of you may recall, back in October I visited Wyoming for my holiday.

While I was there, it snowed and on Saturday morning in Laramie I found that the deep snow making my feet cold, so I sought a solution: It was time to stop by one of Laramie’s rugged Western Cowboy stores […]

Weimarer Weihnachtsmarkt mit Schnee

Last night the first snow of the year fell. It made the Christmas Market rather pretty!

Goethe, Schiller, the Christmas Market, and Snow.

Carol Singers along Schillerstraße

Weimar's Christmas tree in Marketplatz


UW Homecoming: Fair Weather Fan

I need to clean it off.

Back at IU I had a friend who proudly told me that he was one of those terrible “fair weather fans.” He paused for a beat and then informed me that when the weather was fair, he would go.

Today it’s cold and snowy in Laramie. My car […]

en Route

Between Casper and Cody, the highways were pretty wet with blowing snow. There were a few spots of near white-out conditions.

A Little Slow

Sometimes I am a bit slow taking photos off of my camera, but I finally got around to it today, and I uploaded the gem below–it’s from January 6th, shortly after the snow started falling.

There was a lot of snow!

It’s melting now, but before it all melts, we still need a few […]

Wet Snow

I am home safely.

Happily the trip across the ocean was uneventful and quick—we departed on time, got deiced, and arrived early in Frankfurt. I slept as much as I could, but it wasn’t enough, so shortly after I got back to Weimar, I took a nap. When I fell asleep at 1:30, it was […]

White Stuff

I’m not the biggest fan of snow, but it’s there—right outside my window, waiting to mess up my trip.

The substitute InterCity trains have a bad tendency to run late and I can only imagine that with the added fun of snow, they will be awful. Which means that I will have an awful train […]

Foggy Weather

Now I realize that I could pontificate about that major event happening tomorrow, but I figure that all of my eligible readers have either already played their part, or will play their part—and they know who to vote for.

Instead I am going to talk about the weather.

It’s been foggy these last few days, […]

Dreaming of a White…

My initial days in Colorado were picture perfect and free of snow. It stayed that way for my trip up to Ft. Collins where I had a generally good time.

Christmas morning we awoke to snow falling—probably a total of 10 inches by the time the day came to an end, and after one day […]

Viva Snow

I saw my first snow of the year this morning.

It was moments before I was leaving that I looked out the window and realized that in dawn’s early light, snow was gently drifting down and dusting the leaves and cars with a fine coating of white snow.

Snow, when not coming down several meters […]