May 2020


Walking Lunch Tour

In between my morning meeting and my afternoon meeting, I needed to have lunch, and because I cleverly scheduled a large gap of time in order to take a food tour of New York—specifically the “Original Greenwich Village Food Tasting and Cultural Walking Tour.” For twice the price of a nice lunch out, I got […]

Put Your Hands Up; You’re Surrounded!

Despite having lived in Europe for three years and connecting at Paris CDG at least five times, I’ve never actually been to Paris.

This changed Sunday when I stepped off my flight from Leipzig and made my way to my hotel in Paris. In the heart of Paris’ Marsais. Fourth Arrondissement, corner of Rue de […]

Grass Sweet Hut

As it was dark when we arrived, CQ and I had no idea what the area looked like until we woke up in the morning.

For me, that first glimpse came at 06:30 or so when I emerged from the hut and looked around. We’d walked across a grassy field after dinner and I had […]

Berlin: Friday


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Friday morning I slept in until 8. I wrote for awhile and headed out after awhile.

My first stop was Starbucks at the Brandenburg Gate for a smoke-free coffee. I hung out until 11 when the free tour of Berlin started.

Free Berlin Tour

The free three and […]

Bowling Green, Kentucky

So I’ve been to Bowling Green, Kentucky, now. Can’t say much about the place.

It all started a week or two ago when MT suggest that I come spend a couple nights at her place and then go with her to a regional high school track meet in Bowling Green. Her husband’s a track coach […]