August 2022


S-Bahn, U-Bahn, Trams, and Buses … what have I forgotten? Ferries!

The Paule III (a rowboat operated BVG route F24) arriving at Spreeweisen, as seen from the other end of the route, Kruggasse.

Map of the area in question.

Saturday I finally accomplished one of my longer wants – I took a ferry.

Actually I took two.

And neither cost me a cent – […]

Bletchley Park

Last year was the 100th birthday of Alan Turing—the brilliant, gay, scientist who helped break the Enigma machine, and then (probably) committed suicide in 1954.

During the Centenary Celebration, I became aware of Bletchley Park, a museum at the wartime site of British code breaking. I filed away this knowledge for a future trip to […]

From Aluminum Tube to London Tube in 30 Minutes.

Along my walk.

I’m in London for a short holiday – and my first day was most excellent.

Given Heathrow norms (an airport I try to avoid), I fully expected to spend an hour, if not two, clearing immigration. Instead, I went from the aluminum tube to the London Tube in about 30 minutes […]

Airports & Airlines XV (Plus 2012 in Review)

All true, except Florida…

My 2012 travel is over – I visited 15 different airports in 2012, flew ten different airlines, visited six countries, seven German Länder, and seven US States — although I did list eight on my whiteboard because I expected to stop by Florida during my New Year’s Eve trip […]

Nothing quite like casual racism from old people…

Wednesday evening I boarded the plane to Europe, happy to be headed home, thrilled to be doing so in the comfort of the emergency exit row with infinite legroom.

Alas, I was not alone; seated next to me were an older couple. He was GI who’d met and married the German girl of his dreams […]

Handy Mobile—the museums I liked.

Dauphin Street, Mobile’s Downtown Street.

Last summer, The Traveling PhD, her husband, and I were debating where we would meet for New Year’s Eve – Given the constraint set, essentially our debate was between New Orleans and Mobile.

Mobile won.

Before this trip, my experience with Mobile was about 15 minutes during spring break […]

En Route to Handy, Alabama

I saw this plane at Tegel Airport: If I owned airBerlin, I would make sure that anytime Klaus Wowereit were flying on my airline he’d be flying on this very airplane.

Somewhere between Newark and Houston I snapped this picture of America.

On Christmas Day in Mobile a tornado ran through town. […]

What a fantastic week – and it’s only going to get better.

This week I’ve accomplished a lot of things on my personal to-do list, including tackling a mountain of paperwork. I’d put off some of it – partially due to a linguistic barrier, partially due to intimidation.

On that front, I’ve reached that point in my life where I take retirement planning really seriously, and I’ve […]

What’s doing with me…

I’m in Denver, briefly, visiting my family and seeing my Mom’s new house.

So far I haven’t made any accidental trips to the old house, my car has managed to find its way to the new address without error each and every time. I bet I head to the old house the next time […]

Notes on my time in Hoosier-ville

Time in Indiana: Sunday, 7pm, until 6:30 am, Thursday morning, split between Bloomington and Indianapolis.

Notes on Bloomington:

Holy cow, there is a ton of construction going on – the bypass, 10th Street, South Walnut, Sare Road, plus the ongoing construction on campus. What a nightmare, I’ve never seen it this bad before. The Owlery […]