October 2021


Winter, Redux

If you follow the German based expat Tweeters you will have undoubtedly noticed some complaining about the weather.

The temperature in Berlin, right now, is 12C/53F.

It’s also raining—a steady drizzle that leaves you wondering if you need your umbrella or if you can risk taking a short walk without.

I’m taking the opportunity to […]

Sorry Berlin, Saturday is my fault.

Despite being in that post-cold stage where I feel slightly out of it at times, I’ve noticed that this past week the weather has been absolutely, positively, wonderful.

There is no doubt about it, people are out and about, and wearing less—it’s not quite shorts weather, but people are venturing out wearing t-shirts and lightweight […]

Newfoundland Counted! Or not…


Before today I had not visited four Canadian provinces: Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Newfoundland.

I’ve always assumed that Newfoundland would be the most difficult of the ten, especially since I’ve already been to all of its neighbors.

However the fickle finger of fate send crappy weather into the skies around Newark and my […]

Holy Cow! Is it really February?

So after three weeks of cold, if not miserable, weather in the US, I’ve returned to Berlin, only to find that the weather here, while cool, is pleasant.

I haven’t needed to wear my winter coat, my boots, a hat, or a scarf for the last five days—a stark contrast to my last week in […]

Viel Schnee.

das Original

Am ende von meine Reise habe ich „Adam-Zeit“.

Diese mal bin ich in Indianapolis und Indianapolis ist der „Frankfurt“ von den USA: ein Stadt ohne Seele und ohne Vorsatz. Es ist geisttötend.

Samstag morgen Indianapolis habe mehr Schnee—aber diese Schnee ist über ein dick Inlandeis. Freitag Abend […]

Photos from Bloomington, Fargo, Moorhead, and Colorado

The mixer for making dough at Greek's Pizza

This is the replica Stave Church in Moorhead, Minnesota.

The stunningly beautiful and restored Hotel Donaldson, Fargo, North Dakota

At Jax, in Fort Collins, Colorado, Ritter Sport costs $3.19! I prefer paying 79 cents at the Ritter Sport store in Berlin.

Fargo should have been the least of my concerns!

This has been an interesting trip – at least weather wise – and not always in a good way.

From the moment I planned this trip I was most worried about Fargo and it’s extremely cold temperatures. Instead I’ve experienced a miserable snowstorm in Denver that made driving a challenge and, Tuesday afternoon in Bloomington, […]

I’ve crossed yet another mental line.

As a result of growing up in Denver, Colorado, and the United States, there are certain things that, when I hear, I should automatically assume certain things.

For example, when I hear the word “Georgia”, I should think of that state in the southeastern part of the United States. Long ago I stopped thinking of […]

Der Fußweg: von Schnee zu Kies

das Original

Durch die ganzen Monat von Dezember, Berlin haben viele Schnee. Mit der Schnee, die Temperatur war immer unter der Schmelzpunkt.

Folglich er war mehr und mehr Schnee an der Fußweg und an der Straße.

Wann der Schnee ist glatt, dann die Hausmeistern muss sich ausbreiten Kies auf […]

Being Warm is a Mental Game

The past couple of weeks Berlin has been floating right around the freezing mark—most of the time a couple of degrees below, and a few days, a couple of degrees above.

I could be grumbling about this—and, in fact, I was—but I’m not—anymore.

Why, you might ask?

It is because I am going to visit […]