March 2021


VR Bank Weimar doesn’t get it.

It’s amazing how difficult it can be to close an account with the people at VR Bank Weimar.

I regret ever opening an account with them.

Miserable Dienstleistung indeed.

Oh how I miss Weimar: I lived on Abraham-Lincoln-Straße!

It’s been just over a week since I left Weimar for the last time as a resident. I’m now registered in Berlin (although I have some more paperwork to complete) and have no immediate plans to return to the city of Goethe and Schiller.

I don’t think I am revealing any shocking secrets here, but […]

Auf Weidersehen, Weimar!

Dear Mayor Wolf and Fellow Citizens,

I’ve had a great six years living in Weimar, European Capital of Culture, 1999. The city is beautiful, the people friendly, and parks plentiful. Even as I move to Berlin, I will always have a place in my heart for Weimar. That said, I hope that Weimar finds […]

The Movers Come… tomorrow?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Ack!

I found movers using My-Hammer.de, and for the price of moving 3 blocks Weimar (plus a couple weeks of storage), I am moving from Weimar into a storage unit in Berlin.

Yes, it’s true, I have no home in Berlin to call my own, but I got very lucky and am subletting an apartment from […]

Sure Randy drinks the *local* Thüringen Waldquell water, but…

After a couple weeks of not remembering when I had my camera with me, I finally had my camera with me when I took a good look at the billboard below:

This is a billboard for water that comes from my (current) home state of Thüringen:

Who has the best climate protection […]

Tonight’s Car-Bus Accident

No apparent injuries to the driver of the car.

What a beautiful long weekend. Too bad…

I’m actually stuck at home, recovering from what appears to be a mild cold.

It started Wednesday when I woke up with a mild sore throat. Instead of risking it, I stayed home, worked from home, and by mid-afternoon I felt fine. The sore throat was gone and I was ready to start dancing.

Thursday […]

Welcome Home Sir Commode!

When I left this morning, the old octagonal throne was still resident in the bathroom. I returned home to find this:

Beyond the obvious method of Christening the new toilet, I’m really at a loss as to the best way to celebrate the arrival of my new friend.

Meanwhile, in case you missed my […]

Space Kid Head Cup 20x

As previously noted, today was the Space Kid Head Cup 20x; the 20th year that May 1st has been celebrated with a soap box derby here in Weimar.

It’s a great deal of fun, although with around 50 entries this year, it was a bit of a slog. I stayed for the entire first race, […]

Lamb for Dinner

Last night I had dinner with Michele–we went to Rhodos Pallas, a Greek restaurant in Weimar that I’d overlooked. Anke told me that it existed and off we went. It is in the basement of a hotel (Bauhausstraße 12) and was cozy. I ordered the leg of lamb with eggplant–and the portion was huge, although […]