April 2021


Getting back into the swing of things…

Right after I got better, I sort of got slammed with work and I spent the weekend working on a very interesting project, which is prompting a field trip this upcoming weekend to yet another Berlin historic site.

The work has kept me busy—while working over the weekend I took a little bit of time […]

I’ve gone from ranting about working out to ranting about work.


I’ve been drowning in work for the last two months—but I am happy to report that I have made significant headway on my work queue. I’ve gone from having ten items on it to four—and am feeling a lot less stressed. Of the four items on the queue, one is half done and the […]

Having a busy week!

I’ve had a pretty busy week – MT showed up Tuesday afternoon. I spent the morning before her arrival going to the gym and getting my hair cut—so I’m looking buff (ha!) for her.

Wednesday we went south to Leipzig—she wanted to see the Stasi museum in Leipzig and I was more than willing to […]

I’m drowning!

For each project I have at work, I write a Post-It note with some details and leave it on my desk.

This morning, when I arrived, there were 9 Post-It notes on my desk. I was 90% through one of the notes, something I finished before lunch – after having dealt with a number of […]

My Feet Hit The Ground, Running!

Sorry about my silence, but…

Monday my plane landed at 12:45, I was home, showered, and napping by 13:45, then I met Snooker in Berlin for a light snack before going to the gym, where I lifted weights did cardio, briefly. I closed out the day by coming home, unpacking the suitcase and crashing early.


A Mismash of Many Things!

I’ve had a pretty busy week – Actually it’s been a fantastic week.

I can only think of two “negative” things: First, I banged my leg into a table Tuesday evening –pretty hard—it took me 2 minutes of cursing before I could move again—and it hurt enough to noticeably bother me through Friday. It’s still […]

It’s lonely at the office this week.

While I could have taken vacation days and had this week off, I made a strategic decision to save my vacation days for 2011 when there’s better weather and my urge to escape the office reaches a feverish peak.

Nearly everybody else, though, had the opposite idea and the office is essentially empty.

Today I […]

I know it’s bad form but I could lose 7 days!

I’ve always thought it was a bit inappropriate to take vacation during the first six months of employment.

On the other hand, I just found out that we are only allowed to carry over 8 vacation days into the next calendar year.

So now I have a conundrum: I will have a total of 15 […]

How I work: Promising productivity destroyed…

Happily now that I’ve been working for just over a week, I actually have work to do—this makes me very happy.

My first real work came last week and I decided to work on it over the weekend—specifically Sunday morning.

And I had a cunning plan…

On Vacation.

Late last week I’d walked back […]

I can see Die Welt!

Today was the first day of work at my new job and it went as well as it might: I got a key to the door, got my office, met my boss, and discovered that although I was assigned a phone number, the phone on my desk did not, in fact, work.

That was discovered […]