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1998 Welcome Banner

Wagon Wheel

A part of Project Plowshare testing whether nuclear bombs could be used to extract natural gas from tight sandstone formations. This project was proposed for Sublette County, Wyoming, and came to the public’s attention in the early 1970s. Community pressure stopped Project Wagon Wheel.

Newspaper Columns

As a student I wrote for student newspapers at the University of Wyoming and Indiana University, as well as a (now vanished) Internet site for student writing.

Trip Reports

After I started traveling, I started writing trip reports for my website, as well as emails to my friends. My infamous email about Amsterdam entertainment is also included.


I’m a relatively early adopter of Twitter. As the Twitter search engine only goes back a week or two, and the site starts losing really old Tweets, all my Tweets are archived on this site.


welcome banner, ca. 2002