2002 European Vacation, Email #1

dammit–those european keyboards have things in the wrong places!

–the @ is where the ” should be! the ~ is to the right of the @ key–and it’s a key that doesn’t exist on your (American) keyboard…

enough about that!

Hi guys! This will be a short note, basically telling you that I am alive and kicking in Glasgow… Although from Indy to Newark the lady sitting next to me was coughing, and so was the guy from Newark to Glasgow. He was also rubbing up against me in his sleep… I think it was involuntary–he was about 80 years old and didn’t know how to operate his seatbelt.

So far everything is peachy… I got through immigration with the 3rd degree, and then waited 30 minutes for my suitcase. After all of that, I got to downtown Glasgow, got on the “Clockwork Orange” (no joke!) subway to my station, got out of the station and walked up an immense hill… I mean, not that bad a hill, but I had my suitcase and my backpack. Unfortunately my room was not yet ready, so they took my suitcase and told me to come back in 2 hours…. blah!

Hungry I struck out at 11… it was all breakfast kind of things–not lunch, and I wanted lunch. so I got myself a latte and made myself content with that.

I then thought that I could solve my biggest problem… I’d left my jacket in Bloomington. Ooops… Unfortunately the university neighborhood I was wandering did not have men’s clothing stores… and I didn’t want to wander too far with my 2 ton backpack… so I ended up doing mundane things, like sitting in the botanic gardens, wandering Safeway, looking at different OxFam stores… looking at a bookstore when I decided that about ~90% of the books for sale were either widely available in America or were American to begin with.

Long story short, I went back the inn, checked in, changed shirts (long-sleeved now), and headed downtown to the arcade–found a jacket. The zipper is funny (wrong side… but it’s a men’s jacket) and it was only £18,00 (no way to get the uk pound symbol in telnet!)–regularly priced £50,00 or something like that.

Popped up a couple blocks and went into the easyInternetCafe to check email and see what the status of my statistics service learning project search is. I am pleased to report that the prognosis is good! The IU libraries may have something–and the lady with IU Service Learning thinks that 3 weeks is more than enough time to find something. thank goodness!

Now I’m off to wander… I’m seeing a play at 8:00–5 and a half hours from now, and I want to stay awake… I didn’t get as much sleep on the plane as I would have liked (see man next to me rubbing his leg against me constantly (and I was waaaaay over on my side)–the flight was only 6 hours and although I skipped dinner, they kept the general cabin lights on the first two hours and then the last hour and a quarter… I was able to ignore much of what was going on, but it wasn’t perfect.

I will write more later–although I won’t promise that you’ll see every note…


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