2002 European Vacation, Email #2

Hi friends, relatives, and others who read this.

I’m in Edinburgh and I’m sick. Blah! The old man who was coughing on the plan and constantly rubbing his leg against mine must have shared. I think–at least–that I am on the upswing from my misery. The sore throat has passed completely (wahoo!) and now I have a stuffed nose. I think that it’s progress.

Anyway, I spent Saturday engaging in limited mobility–I did walk around the west end of Glasgow visiting two museums and getting exercise. I then took a nap. After my nap I went down the incredibly long hill and went to Safeway — no Marsha (family reference) — but I was able to find some food to eat and things to look at. I ended up getting some noodle salad that I didn’t like.. *sigh* all of that for £1.49. I got a few other things, like throat lozenges. I ate one of those immediately. Rather sucked on it immediately. Felt better.

Crossed the street and stopped at Woolworth’s to buy an umbrella–Their Woolworth’s are vastly different from ours–but what am I saying. Woolworth’s no longer exists in the US, so my expectations were irrelevant.

Walked back up the hill and thought to myself–I’m going to take a brief nap and then visit the one museum near my guest house that I’d missed seeing. Not to be… I woke up after 5.

British television: Survivor/Panama is amusing. They had a British version of the “Match Game”–hosted by a glamorous drag queen–it was quite amusing. They also had a version of Family Feud. All in all, I had a good time watching TV and sleeping.

I woke up this morning completely stuffed up–went downstairs and had breakfast. Whilst it wasn’t the greatest breakfast in the world, it worked. (MT–It was about 1,000% better than ours in London.) I then attempted to navigate the phone system to order a car–but they didn’t have one and I didn’t feel like trying to get another one over the phone–my ears are feeling the effects of the cold, as well as my voice.

So I walked down to the bottom of the hill, clueless about hailing a cab–fortunately one stopped anyway and I got to the bus station, on a bus, and to Edinburgh.

After getting to my guest house (the gay one) my host started talking at me–the only thing I wanted to know was where the drug store was… he pointed one out on the map and then observed that it wouldn’t be open before noon on Sunday.


from America’s obsession with 24/7 stores to Europe’s obsession with people getting time off–I’m not sure America is better, but when it comes to drugs– 24/7 rules! (Emergency toilet paper purchases at 3am are a different story — see me a week ago in Bloomington.)

Anyway, I walked down to the easyInternetCafe and checked my email and will move on to the drug store before looking at touristy things. (Rather, the chemist.)

I hope all is well back home. Hopefully all will be well with me soon!


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