2002 European Vacation, Email #3

Hi everybody–This is a rather quick update–after this you won’t hear my random emails until Friday–I suspect.

Happy news: I found Sudafed yesterday and I was able to make full use of the oxygen that floats around.

After I took the Sudafed I crossed the street and made my way up to the Edinburgh Castle–which is rather impressive looking–and well worth the time. I lost count but I think the castle has 6 different gift shops scattered about–some hidden behind every turn in the wall. There were also two cafes (that I noticed), and the loo. Yes, the loo–and what a loo it was. Loo of the year, for several years running… they had the certificates to prove that point… was it a nice loo? yes!

After that I wandered through a weaving shop–fascinating place–I wanted to buy a kilt, but at the prices that they are charging and the frequency with which I would wear said items, I decided against such a purchase… although it still tugs at my heart.

Then onto the Scottish Whisky Tour place thingy, where the bar tenders will help you sample some of the more than 200 different whiskeys, and help you make a “friend for life.” (Seriously!) I found myself laughing throughout the presentation and really enjoyed it–although I doubt that I enjoyed it for the same reasons they wanted me to enjoy it.

– – –
random observations:

They have a brand of butter here called “anchor free range”– the original free range butter. I know what free range means, I know what butter means, but I am unclear what the two terms put together means.

My gay bed and breakfast has had the best breakfast I’ve experienced abroad, but it has the worlds softest mattress–any springs inside this sucker died several years ago. The clientele that I met this morning also appears to be straight–the woman librarian I ate breakfast with was into rhododendrons (sp?) — 40′ tall ones!– and had received a bottle of whiskey somewhere along the way at her rhododendron conference–she’s saving it for her husband. (She’s a retired librarian from U of Toronto.)

– – –

Today I’ve mostly wandered around town, no specific destinations–wandered through two museums and the Parliament of Scotland visitor’s center. Ate lunch at a French cafe. etc….

cheers for now!


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