2002 European Vacation, Email #5

Howdy everybody-

I am here jotting a quick note before my time expires. Internet access in London is a whole lot more expensive than in Glasgow.

After my last note, I left Cheltenham via bus heading for London. I had a very cheerful and humorous bus driver named Ian–who took the time to tell us about the bus–but not where the bathroom was–more useful information like where the button to lean your seat back was hidden.

I arrived in London at the Victoria Coach Station, walked to the Victoria Train station; got my tube pass and then grabbed a cab to my hotel. Glorious place that it is.

The Hotel is on Glower Street, which is very near the British Museum and a bunch of other interesting places. Upon getting settled I went for a walk, found a grocery store and returned home to eat and take a nap. I then discovered that the British Museum stayed open until 8:30 on Fridays, so I grabbed a shower and headed out.

I saw the Rosetta Stone.

Wow. I really cannot say more here–it was one of the three principle things I wanted to see in Europe, and I saw it.

It was a lot smaller than I expected, but still absolutely positively amazing. That alone makes London worthwhile.

Anyway, much of the Museum was closed (evening thing) and I headed out fairly quickly and wandered randomly around ending up in some pretty well known spots–Charring Cross Road. I even found G-A-Y at the Astoria. It is very close to where I’m staying and I decided that I was going to go to this Gay Club Mecca Friday night. However it was only 8:15 or so and that was a wee bit early. So I went back to my hotel and lay down to watch something that had been recommended by my hosts in Cheltenham.

It was some kind of comedy news quiz show. They were worried that it was going to be filled with inside British humor–but thought I would understand it no matter what. Unfortunately the host of the show had been caught in some kind of sex-drug-prostitute-whatever scandal in the past week (that day?_) and it’d been front page news in the dailies–so they talked and talked and talked about it–he turned red, the contestants made fun of him and they had a jolly old time of it. I didn’t really get that part of the show–I did find the humor about the news amusing.

After that they had an episode of Black Adder on– yeah! I fell asleep.

I wok up… looked at my watch and realized it was now 12:45am.


G-A-Y was open from 11pm until 4am, but I was too cozy in bed. In bed I stayed. Oh well… The next time I looked at my watch it said 7:00 or something like that, and I was feeling really refreshed.

Ate breakfast and headed out. Took a walk to find the train station where I catch the train on Wednesday. Depending upon how with it I am, it is within walking distance–but I will have my suitcase and backpack with me, so I might opt for a taxi and eliminate the street crossing hassles. (Kings Crossing Thameslink station is well hidden!)

I then took the tube to a random stop on the south side of the Thames, and found a fresh vegetable market. Alas, it was 9:30, so I had a cup of coffee and a smoothie (not simultaneously), and wandered around. Randomly.

Eventually found myself at the Britain during the war museum. — amusing. not really well done, but amusing.

They had smoke machines to help simulate the dust.

Went from there to the Design Museum. Very nicely designed. Very Pretty. Interesting exhibits.

Walked across the London Tower Bridge. Didn’t pay to go in the bridge (per rough guide), but went straight to the Tower of London. I spent 3 hours there–I don’t want to try and describe it right now, but it was awesome! My favorite part was seeing the clothes lines (complete with clothes) within the Tower of London. I didn’t realize there were private residences there!

Wandered some more.. wandered, and here I am.

Writing a quick email.

Hope y’alls having a great weekend!




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