2002 European Vacation, Email #7

Hi everybody–

I have but 5 minutes before my friend returns from teaching–I have just spent 4 hours on the internet as follows:

  1. Ordering a new computer (“Dude, I’m getting a Dell!”)
  2. Figuring out what kind of public service project my statistics class is going to do this summer.

Most of the time was spent on the later–there is a lot to chose from and I had to sort my email in order to figure out what offers I had.

Anyway, that leaves me with no time to write a very long email detailing everything that I’ve done since the Museum of London, so I will fill in details later:

  • Saw musical: The Full Monty
  • Saw musical: Fame (front row ticket!)
  • Flew a brand new 737-700 from London to Amsterdam
  • Toured Heineken in Amsterdam (a waste of €5)
  • Got semi-lost in Germany on my way to Hamburg
  • Watched World Cup game between Germany and Saudi Arabia (Germany won 8-0)
  • Got drunk
  • Toured Hamburg Harbor — in German, so I didn’t understand 95% of it
  • Ate Portuguese and Turkish food
  • Got from my host’s apartment in Hamburg all the way to Berlin by myself!
  • Discovered that the z and the y are inverted on German kezboards
  • Told somebody speaking Dutch to me that I did not speak Dutch, and he went American on me, proceeding to speak LOUDER in Dutch.
  • Got another Dutch passport stamp, but no German stamp
  • Pretended not to know English in Amsterdam in order to avoid talking to some panhandler/tourist
  • Went to a nightclub with two professors (it was Student night, and they skewed the distribution). The professors danced… it was a Cuban themed restaurant/bar/nightclub. The next morning everybody showed up late to breakfast.

I have said a lot here, and was going to be more verbose about it (there are stories to tell), but she should have been here by now… I don’t know where she is.

I will write more to you at a later time!

Berlin and its former wall await me–the history here is Amazing.

Cheers for now!


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