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Textual Source

The text on this website is adapted from three sources:

  • Lederer, Adam Mark, 1998, Using Public Policy Models to Evaluate Nuclear Stimulation Projects: Wagon Wheel in Wyoming. M.A. Department of Political Science, University of Wyoming; Laramie, Wyoming, USA. (UW Library Catalog Entry)
  • Lederer, Adam Mark, 1998, “Wagon Wheel: A Nuclear Plowshare for Wyoming,” Annals of Wyoming: The Wyoming History Journal. Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA: Wyoming Historical Society. (70:3, 24-33)
  • Lederer, Adam Mark, 2004 “Project Wagon Wheel: A Nuclear Plowshare for Wyoming,” in Phil Roberts (ed) Readings in Wyoming History: Issues in the History of the Equality State. Laramie, Wyoming, USA: Skyline West Press. 214-227.

The majority of text is directly adapted from the 2004 version of the paper, available on the Wyoming History section of Phil Roberts, University of Wyoming professor, available at Project Wagon Wheel: A Nuclear Plowshare for Wyoming (accessed verified 29 August 09).

Primary Sources

Primary source information concerning Project Wagon Wheel can be located at the University of Wyoming’s American Heritage Center, located in Laramie, Wyoming, USA. Copies of the biological studies, structural studies, as well as the Environmental Impact Statement, are available for in library usage. Additionally nearly 8.5 cubic feet (19 boxes) of files from the Wagon Wheel Information Committee are archived. Please consult with the professionals at the American Heritage Center to find all available information.

Laramie Inconvenient?

You can download the Master’s Thesis version of the paper here. The PDF version of the thesis presented here is not the authoritative version of the paper, but is, for all intense and purposes, virtually identical to the copy available at the University of Wyoming’s Coe Library. >>WWThesis.pdf –  An extensive bibliography is included, listing numerous newspaper articles and other publications related to Project Wagon Wheel and the Wagon Wheel Information Committee.

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