In my original thesis, I thanked a number of people, while, at the same time, forgetting to thank a number of key individuals; it was not intentional but rather out of the stress and time constraints I faced in trying to complete both my thesis and my coursework. This page is an opportunity to rectify that error.

First up, my committee, consisting of Dr. R. McGreggor Cawley, Dr. James D. King, and Dr. Ron Beiswenger, guided me through the thesis writing process–pointing out errors, providing guidance, and listening.

Secondly, Dr. Phil Roberts, one of the best teachers I’ve ever had, first told me about the existence of Wagon Wheel, arguably motivating me to earn my Master’s.

Thirdly, my friends and colleagues both at the University of Wyoming and at Denver’s Sagebrush News, Inc.–all of whom provided moral support and encouragement when I needed it the most. I’ve lost touch with most of them, but I miss the Brothers of Deeta Fee, as well as six others who were reduced to initials. Sadly I can only remember the names behind two of the six; I think I could guess two additional names; and the last two are lost to me.

The people I omitted were the members of the Wagon Wheel Information Committee. It was during Phil Robert’s class that I called them and learned about their files, files now located at the UW American Heritage Center. Sally Mackey and Floyd Bousman were the co-chairs of the committee and both agreed to be interviewed via telephone in December 1995. I failed to recognize them in the acknowledgments of my thesis, an error of omission I have regretted ever since.

Finally I need to thank my family for supporting me while I was at the University of Wyoming.

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