Trip Reports

Now that I have a fully-functional blog, I talk about trips in real time. Before I put together trip reports in different ways. On the old website, I put up simple reports, photographs in little movies, and copied mass emails that I’d sent to friends.

2001 Louisiana Summer Vacation

I flew down to Louisiana to visit my friends.  There are also photos of me in a sugar cane field and in the Gulf of Mexico.

2001 Thanksgiving Vacation

After 9/11, a friend and I went to London for Thanksgiving at greatly reduced award ticket pricing. It was my first trip to the UK, stopping in Cheltenham and in London.

The Entire Trip

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2002 Summer Vacation Emails

In 2002 I took a summer vacation that visited Glasgow, Edinburgh, Carlisle, Cheltenham, London, Hamburg, and Berlin. Read all the emails, or skip to the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, or seventh. Your choice.

Flash Photo Reports

I acquired the Flash software and started putting vacation photos in Flash. I made three of these things–and have both lost the software and forgotten how to do it.

My first was from my 2002 Thanksgiving in Germany; followed by my 2003 Spring Break in Amsterdam; and last, but not least the 2003 European Summer Vacation.

Live Sex Show Review

In January 2003, while visiting The Netherlands, I learned that an Amsterdam bar/club had live sex shows. It was a rather surreal experience, and my reflections about it became one of my most well known emails, with lots of responses. I found it and it’s now re-published here, but be aware, it’s not safe for work, and not for people easily offended by descriptions of gay sex: Amsterdam’s Live Sex Show.