March 2023


It’s just a number!

CQ again with a short entry for you Hoosiers. Apparently the interstate highway extension planned to run adjacent to Bloomington is immoral. The congressman from Indiana’s 8th Congressional district is pushing for a number change to I-63.

So I guess the current interstate which will become a through interstate south of Indianapolis is just supposed […]

Another blow to Free Speech in Amerika

CQ here hijaking the blog again… I really need my own, ja?

It’s really sad when television stations in the US feel compelled to cancel the broadcast of a great movie like “Saving Private Ryan” because they fear retribution by the FCC because of the violence and profanity contained in the movie. Justified violence and […]

There’s a 3-car pileup on the Cumberland…

Hi everyone it’s the CQ hijaking the blog yet again with a slightly interesting story to tell regarding what happened last Monday night (October 18).

It was an otherwise normal evening with me sitting in my den taking in some TV that I recorded. While sitting there enjoying my dinner I suddenly hear a rather […]

Mein Freundauto wurde gestohlen!

Hi, CQ. here hijacking Adam’s blog…

I have a friend that I went to high school with in California that lives about 200 miles away from me in Virginia Beach, VA. He had a rather unpleasant day Thursday because he ran some errands in the morning and came back out of his apartment about lunch […]


I was over on MT’s blog and saw her entry regarding, “One Nation, Under God: Vote to Keep it That Way.” It got me to thinking about Catherine, one of the God-niks in my life.

Catherine is a person who was a good friend of mine when I lived in California. Back in the early […]

Visions of Oz…

The remnants of Hurricane Jeanne are blowing through my area now. I know all we are getting is a bit of a breeze and some heavy rain so we have it MUCH better than the folks in Florida, but I think I saw a cow blow by my window this morning as I was driving […]

Fall is here…

Fall is officially here. This means it is now time to do all the exterior maintenence work on the house that I’ve been neglecting over the summer. The project this year is to paint the trim.

I’ve selected Hunter Green for the doors and shutters and something called Chatham Green (more tan than anything else) […]

One race ends, a new race begins…

As many of you may know, Adam is a big fan of the reality show The Amazing Race and so am I.

Adam had the good fortune of going to Germany and live the wonderful adventure that is cooked dill with a side of dill, but he has missed out on the race. I’m not […]

What happens when you let your major employer rule your town

Since Adam is away I thought I would fill you in/bore you with some details about the economic make-up of my current hometown of Danville, VA. This is prompted by an article titled, Small towns tired of slow rollout create own high-speed networks in the money section of the 9/21/04 USA Today (you’ll need the […]

When CQ met Adam…

Since Adam has been out for a couple days I thought I might take this opportunity to bore everyone and write another guest blog to fill the gap. You have all been briefly introduced to me, but it occurred to me that you may not know how I came to know Adam.

I seem to […]