May 2024


38 Days, revisited.

At my new home, this piece of art no longer hangs directly in view from my working position – so it is no longer something I stare at continuously.

I previously featured 38 Days in my blogpost Whatchamacallit 152.

Now I see it whenever I leave my bedroom.

It still resonates, as a testimony to […]

Whatchamacallit 82: 5€ Notes

Since moving to Europe, I’ve become used to the fact that my banknotes change size and color as the values change.

However, other than noting that I’ve visited Spijkenisse, where the Euro-note bridges went from fantasy to reality, I do not think that I’ve ever discussed the Euro notes.

Simply put, the notes are […]

eAT – elektronischer Aufenthaltsitel – Question

In the near-ish future, I will be picking up my eAT – the elektronischer Aufenthaltsitel – that will be permission for me to stay in Germany a bit longer.

The eAT format is a credit-card sized document that includes a chip that contains biometric identification information.

Providing this led the most amusing moment of my […]

On (1) why Eurovision matters, and (2) why it had to be in Azerbaijan this year.

I neither got around to reviewing the second Eurovision semi-finals, nor to discussing the Eurovision Finals – badAdam.

I have a good excuse: I was exhausted and any free time I had this weekend, I was asleep. Friday’s super early alarm (4:30, after 5 hours of sleep) in combination with a late evening (home past […]

Celebrating 10 Euro Years

A week or so ago I got my first 2€ coin that celebrates 10 years of the Euro.

ECB's info on this special coin.

I have to say that I cannot help but wonder if this is, indeed, the moment to be celebrating the Euro.

That said, I do believe this might be […]

Eurovision 2011

Saturday night was fabulous – I met up with some work colleagues and friends, had dinner, and headed to a gay bar to watch Eurovision. We were, basically speaking, half of the bar—and responsible for the only three women in the bar – a bar that lacked a women’s restroom, but did have a dark […]

It’s Super Saturday: Eurovision 2010!

Eurovision was one of the first European things I ever latched onto—and I latched onto it not knowing what it was whilst being totally clueless about its history. I just knew that it was something awfully important and awfully fun. It took a few more minutes for me to realize that it was also awful: […]

On the mend…

I have to say that the current cold has come and gone with incredible speed—I actually feel alright.

My only problem is the laryngitis—which is easing. Yesterday I couldn’t talk at all. Today I’ve managed two phone conversations—which is two more than I planned on, but I was able to make some understandable utterances.

I […]

Eurovision Week!

I’ve already given it away with my title, but for those of you who care, this is Eurovision week!

Yes, it’s time for a week of campy and trashy Europop music with an added dose of inter-country rivalry!

German TV Details

1. Halbfinale am 12. Mai 2009 ab 21:00 Uhr bei PHOENIX 2. […]

I Key Uh

Tonight I popped over to Ikea in order to buy window shades (fail) and a lamp for my reading nook (success).

This being a trip to Ikea, I ended up buying candles (I begged my friend to get me out of the candle department), a present for a colleague, ice cube trays, and, in a […]