May 2024


Socialist America

I’m in Socialist America.

My travels this week take me to Blue States: connecting in Michigan on my way to Pennsylvania (perchance to meet myself), Virginia, and DC. According to the president-not-elected, John McCain, and his running mate, Sarah Palin, these must be Socialist States.

It didn’t escape my notice that Pittsburgh is suspiciously close […]

HIV Testing

Friday was National HIV Testing Day. I got a jump start on the occasion actually…I took the test the week before last and got the results back on Wednesday.

The testing process is unpleasant enough that I can understand why many people don’t take it. I don’t mean that the process is physically unpleasant…the test […]

Small Town Pride

One of the main indicators of the success of gays and lesbians in organizing and in social acceptance has been the growth in the number of cities with gay pride celebrations in June. Gay pride festivals have been around for decades in most every large American city (Chicago is celebrating its 39th this year). But […]

Greetings from Michigan!

Hello all, I am IUMike, or just Mike, and will be guest blogging for Adam as he makes his trek back to Bloomington. I’ve known Adam for 10 years, since we were in graduate school together at Indiana University, but rather than travel the world like our host, I took the more conventional route of […]

Heads Up, IUMike’s Up!

Just a warning to my regular readers—although I am able to post easily whilst in Lisbon and New York City, I expect my ease of posting to drop considerably while I am in Turkey.

My guest blogger for that period of time will be close friend and all around amazing guy, IUMike, who I met […]