June 2024


DJ Kai Tracid

DJ Kai Tracid, uploaded by elmada.

Last night, as previously announced, I went to see Kai Tracid peform at DoubleSTRIKE in Erfurt.

Kai Tracid is my absolute favorite musician—as a DJ—who performs trance and acid music (tracid). Prior to my first encounter with a music video of “Life is too Short,” a bit […]

Phone, Men, Hot Men, More

I just realized that I made a bigger boo-boo than I thought in The Netherlands.

I had put my mobile phone in my pocket and forgotten to lock it. When I do so, it manages to send the last SMS (text message) to a non-mobile phone—fortunately it sends it to my home phone number in […]

ETC Test It — Fun!

Last night I returned to ETC Test-It, the gay club in Erfurt.

I was motivated after having taken a nap in the afternoon to do something to forget my Memme status. Plus it gave me the opportunity to see Katya for the first time in a few weeks-so all was perfect.

Unlike the last time […]

Weekend Plans

This is going to be an exciting weekend!

Friday evening I am going over to Erfurt for three exciting events-the first is my journey to see the CDU candidate for German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

Yes, Germany is in the midst of an exciting election campaign, and although I have no vote whatsoever, I am watching […]

Kai Tracid at Melly’s

It’s been a long year and a half since I first encountered a Kai Tracid video, tracked him down, got copies of his CDs, learned what Trance/Acid music was, moved to Germany, and then kept track of his schedule learning that he was nearby in Leipzig, but I wasn’t able to go (no German skills, […]

Kai Tracid

I’m excited because tomorrow I am taking a trip!

Uh huh, I can hear y’all already: another trip?! WTF is going on?

This trip was planned at the last minute because I discovered that Kai Tracid, my favorite DJ, is performing in Dresden tomorrow night at Melly’s!

How cool is that?!

I’ve wanted to see […]

I fly.

As most of you are aware, I have quite a bit of traveling ahead of me in the coming weeks-so much so that I’m not certain my body will actually know what time zone it’s in until March!

Just to refresh you:

17 December: Train to Prague, Meeting with Professor 18 December: Prague-Amsterdam-Detroit-Denver 30 December: […]

Weimar Tanzt

So, as some of you may recall, I had originally planned to go to a concert this weekend in order to see my favorite DJ, Kai Tracid, perform his magic. However, as you may have surmised, that did not happen. I didn’t feel like staying up all night to see him perform because, in fact, […]

Sunday’s First Entry

Today my friends David and Dennis load a truck and head West-to Denver. Yee-haw! I’m going to help them pack the truck later. I originally thought this was going to happen around 1, but apparently it’s been delayed until at least 3:30.

I don’t really care when I pack the truck-I managed to listen to […]