June 2024


My 2015 Reading Adventure continues with 18 more: books 80 through 97

80: Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase by Betty Thesky (and others): I had high hopes for this book – I am a devoted fan of the Betty in the Sky podcast – and I thought that surely it would translate into an amusing book. Ultimately this book completely lacked the voice of Betty, […]

Books 67 to 75: Making a dent in my stack of physical books

After my last report, I made a concerted effort to read the physical books in my unread stack. I managed to read six actual books, four of which were new, one old, and one borrow. I have two other physical books in progress, plus 11 more on the shelf. In that sense, it feels like […]

Does anybody else remember Alvin Fernald?

A couple days ago I was reflecting back on the books that I read as a child – and one series I remember concerned a kid by the name of Alvin Fernald.

Alvin was a kid who constantly got himself into and out of trouble.

The two stories I remember the most are when Alvin […]

A profession I admire: Übersetzer

It took me awhile, but a year ago, whilst in England, I picked up some novels by David Lodge.

David Lodge is, in academic circles, famous for his academic trilogy, the David Lodge Trilogy, starting off with Changing Places, followed by Small World, and concluding with Nice Work. I’d never heard of the books before […]

Missing Rye

It’s always amazing to me how often I must remind myself that the experiences I had growing up were not the same experiences that everybody else had growing up.

Furthermore I have a gap as large as Beverly Hills in my knowledge that are laid bare whenever somebody makes a 90210 reference—never mind my pop […]


I am upgrading the software for the blog. Hopefully nothing will go wrong, but if commenting doesn’t work for awhile, this is why.

Snail Talk

A year or so ago, I picked up Stephen Clarke’s book, A Year in the Merde. It was an amusing take exploring how an Englishman spent his year living in France, dealing with the peculiarities that come with the French setting.

Although I enjoyed the book, I never felt like buying the sequels to the […]

Beware Thunderbolt!

I have favorite authors—I’ve named many in the past.

Today I want to tie together two of them: David Sedaris and Bill Bryson.

It turns out that both are American expatriates and both are great writers.

David Sedaris, through “Me Talk Pretty One Day,” accidentally colored how I view language acquisition. As he struggled to […]

The Sixties

As some of you might have observed from my recent blog entries, I’ve been doing some odd-ball reading of late—and lest you think my odd-ball reading is coming to an end, it has not, nor will it for a few days.

Today I read the first chapter of Todd Gitlin’s book, The Sixties: Years of […]

Dan Savage

Dan Savage. Originally uploaded by cpb.

Dan Savage is arguably the most important and influential gay writer in the United States today. I say this having read all four of his books and regularly reading his weekly sex advice column, Savage Love.

I cannot really remember my first distinct encounter with Savage Love, […]