June 2024


A Short Weekend Trip to Prague

One of the “nooks” on the Charles Bridge featured this sculpture of men in agony.

Some how, between my birthday, the Berlinale, and the fact that I’ve had three nasty colds over the past four weeks, it totally escaped me that I hadn’t posted about Prague.

I was in Prague for a weekend at […]

New Year’s Eve, Prague Style

Now that I’m on my way back home and my suitcase is with me, I decided to rewrite some of what I had written before about New Year’s Eve in Prague and instead focus on the positive about having had my suitcase misplaced for a day and a half.

I had to wear my heavy […]

Praha IV: Gejzee.. r

It was Pink Army Night at Gejzee.. r, the gay club I went out to Saturday night-and I had a blast. In fact, I think the fact that I was alone caused me to lose a lot of my personal inhibitions. Usually I hate the idea of dancing, drinking, and hanging out with total strangers, […]

Praha II: Street Wandering

So, after I had settled into my room, which basically involved taking everything except the guidebooks out of my backpack, I wandered off to do things around Praha. My first stop was at a hair salon down the street where I was able to use my freshly learned knowledge of how to tell time in […]

Praha I: Getting There

I suspect that my trip report about Prague will last several days, principally because I do not have enough time to write all of it tonight-but in summary, Prague might be the most beautiful city I have visited in my life.

It is humbling to realize that the journey I took wasn’t possible until after […]

Moist. Praha.

Ok, so it’s Saturday evening here in Prague and I have had a most excellent stay, as long as long as you ignore the fact that it’s been raining all day and I am tired of it.

I went up to the Prague Transport Museum (much smaller than the London equivilent, but in some ways, […]

Prague Travels

Just a reminder, I am going to Prague for three nights/four days (back on Sunday, and I misspoke in yesterday’s entry about the number of days).

I will probably post from Prague, my hotel has a functional internet cafe.