April 2024


Car Wash, Baby

One of the highlights of our trip to South Africa was the car wash.

Yeah, that’s right, the car wash.

After CQ and I drove from Swaziland to South Africa along that dirt road, we realized that our white pale red car was in dire need of a car wash. It was a shadow of […]

Cape Town Sunset


I cannot tell you the first time I noticed it, but at some point whilst CQ and I were still based in Cape Town I realized that a lot of kids were going barefoot.

And the kids going barefoot did not look like kids from poor families: their attire and their family’s attire was middle-class […]

Grass Sweet Hut

As it was dark when we arrived, CQ and I had no idea what the area looked like until we woke up in the morning.

For me, that first glimpse came at 06:30 or so when I emerged from the hut and looked around. We’d walked across a grassy field after dinner and I had […]

Back in Deutschland

I am back in Germany.

CQ and I had a splendid Sunday, including a last minute substitution in of The Cradle of Humankind—a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

After having had a healthy dose of local paranoia (each house has a large wall around it, often with electric fencing on top; the malls all are inside […]

Country 26.

Swaziland was quite the adventure for CQ and me. After landing on time at the Jo’burg airport, we got our rental car and started heading away from Swaziland—so we lost about 20 minutes there; once oriented we headed the correct direction, stopping in Witbank at a brand spanking new mall where we parked by the […]

Straddling Oceans

Tomorrow morning CQ and I will leave Cape Town; fly to Johannesburg in order to drive into Swaziland for two nights in a grass hut.

I will probably not post again until either Sunday evening or Monday night.

In the meantime I thought I would share a few thoughts about our trip so far.

Monday […]

Dutch + British =

On the last day of my trip to New York City I found myself with time to kill and, consequently, on the doorstep of the Museum of the City of New York.

It was not my first visit: my first visit was a young child with my father who was exploring his old stomping grounds. […]

Monday, x7

Seven photos from Monday. Massive uploads must wait until I return to Germany, but expect a few on Flickr now and then…


11 Hours, 10 Minutes

CQ and I are in Cape Town.

It was a relatively uneventful plane ride—I read Saturday’s Guardian, Sunday’s Observer, the weekend’s IHT, and part of an Economist.

The IFE provided me with “Letters from Iwo Jima”, the follow up to Clint Eastwood’s “Flags of Our Fathers.” I’d watched “Flags of Our Fathers” on my way […]