May 2024


Tonight’s Car-Bus Accident

No apparent injuries to the driver of the car.

That Unfortunate Irony, Enlarged

I haven’t heard any additional reports about the car accident outside my window—although it blocked the intersection and slowed traffic for about an hour, it didn’t make the one newspaper that was checked.

At the end of my accident report I made reference to an unfortunate irony in the background of the picture. I would […]

Car Accident!

Just before 2 I was working on email when I heard a loud crunch and crash outside my apartment.

Immediately I knew that an accident had occurred in the intersection outside my house. From above it looked like on car (the blue one) was damage really badly but the other car (dark red), damaged side […]

It happened!

photo by OK Copito

So the fear expressed in my previous post, came to reality–actually it came to reality many times, but at least one time there was a blogger who heard the event and photographed the aftermath!

OK Copito is a Spanish-language blog based here in Weimar–and as the author was hard […]

Canadian Sense

I won’t ask my Canadian readers to defend Canada, but I’ve always been under the impression that the country is imminently sensible, filled with diverse, intelligent, and friendly people (save for Quebec).

For me, whenever I hear about insane US policies, I presume that they are not adopted by Canada because Canadian policy makers look […]

Stupid Me.

Yesterday my American-German PseudoWife came and spent the night at my apartment.

This was the second time she’d spent the night at my apartment—she was my first houseguest last week, even before the Regensbloggers, who stayed with me over the weekend.

Amusingly the pattern of care sort of inverted itself from last week to this […]

Silly Charges

It appears that a suspect fleeing police in Phoenix is going to face criminal charges because four people in two helicopters died when the helicopters collided.

Only in America.

Without any disrespect to the deceased, I have to say that the accident in the skies above Phoenix yesterday was a long time coming: two helicopters […]

Lisbon on Monday

My first day in Lisbon was deceptively exhausting. After a pleasant lunch and a quiet afternoon, I headed out to wander around the city.

So far my methodology for exploring Lisbon is as follows: Get on Metro, take to a distant station, and then walk back. This time I took the Metro to Sao Sebastiao, […]

Survey Question

I just took a quick survey that included the following question:

Which of the following medical conditions interest you? (check all that apply)

Seasonal Allergies Chronic Allergies Asthma Frequent Headaches Sinus Problems Migraines Heartburn Ulcers Arthritis Elevated Cholesterol Diabetes High Blood Pressure Acne Obesity Hair Loss Breast Cancer Prostate Cancer Colorectal Cancer Incontinence Sexual […]

The States

So, I was out of the States for a record four and a half months-and now that I’ve been in the states for just over a week, I have a few rambling things to note:

First, driving is easy and it’s fun! I haven’t forgotten anything, especially driving in Wyoming during white-out conditions. The aforementioned […]