May 2024


In Armenia

I made it.

Thursday morning at 3:30 my flight touched down and I sped right through immigration and customs into the (relatively) cool night air of Yerevan.

The trip to Yerevan was marred with two separate, but stupid, incidents; since arrival, everything’s been swell!

First, at the Weimar train station, I stopped into the bakery, […]


I’m playing the 24 Hour Game right now.

In exactly 24 hours from now, I will be waiting in an airport terminal, waiting for my connecting flight to board so that I can be on my way to Armenia, for the second time.

This is going to be a short trip: five nights away from […]

Odd Dream

So last night I drempt that I was onboard an Aeroflot flight—it was a round trip flight and I remember that I left from Moscow—the runway was quite short and the take off was abrupt. I don’t remember anything else about the outward bound flight, nor much about the return flight, except that on the […]

Photo Friday: Light

The light made for amazing views over Russia.

Photo Friday Entry (#64) | elmada.com Home

Trip Report

Unless you are a real sucker for boring reading, skip this post.


Yerevan, Booked!

For those of you who are interested, my basic outline for my trip to Armenia is as follows:

Day 0: Depart Frankfurt late evening. Day 1: Arrive Yerevan (EVN), go… somewhere. Don’t know yet. … Day 4: Go to Yerevan, spend three nights at the Bass Hotel (beware of an annoying mouse-over ping on this […]

Armenia Planning Update

Sunday night I started panicking about my September trip to Armenia. Hotels in Yerevan, the capital city, are more expensive than I expected, although I suspect there is a significant price premium for booking hotels that can be found on the Internet—this is a country where few places have a web presence.

I finally drew […]