July 2024


Travel Advisory

I’ve decided it is time to give fair warning: If I’m booked on your flight, you should probably book away.

In the past year, I’ve had my unfair share of travel problems.

Last night my flight from Detroit to Frankfurt pushed back on time, rolled down the taxiway to the runway, turned onto the runway […]

Evening in Lisbon

I’m departing Lisbon at 07:40 tomorrow morning, heading home by way of Paris/CDG and Frankfurt. I’ll be boarding an A318 tomorrow–a new plane for me. Lisbon is a great city, I wish I could stay longer, but by the end of this week, I will have flown four flight segments, including a transatlantic hop.


“No, you’re not.”

It was a nice gentleman telling me this. I’d realized he had a German accent and remarked upon it, although he assured me he was actually Austrian, and I had just told him that I was a moron.

Even though I am one.

Yes, I’ve had my first major self-inflicted travel disaster today: I left […]

The Trip Home

I cannot say that I am wholly impressed with Air France.

Three out of four flights were late, the check-in agent at JFK enforced a rule I had never heard of (forcing me to check my bags, and, consequently, almost missing my train in Leipzig), and the flight attendants on my scheduled 22:55 (actual 23:45) […]

Paris for a night…

Well, I’m not where I wanted to be right now.

I’m in Paris instead.

In a room whose rack rate is 450€ per night, but the tab (at whatever rate they’re actually paying) is being picked up by my friends at Air France. After my first flight had a mechanical problem, the second flight was […]

Viva Traveling!

Right now I ought to be at Paris CDG changing airplanes with a luxurious two and a half hour layover.

Instead I am still at the Leipzig Airport. My first flight had a mechanical problem and I’ve been rescheduled to arrive in New York at some unseemly late hour. About the only plus is that […]

Air France

Being the geek that I am, I spotted and picked up the Air France brochure about the “Boeing 777: Travelling differently.” (sic—I believe it is British English)

Anyhow, among the bullshit in the brochure was this statement for their L’Espace Première customers:

Passengers also now benefit from private rest-rooms.

I hate to find out what […]