July 2024


Whatchamacallit 101: Sky Airlines Sickness Bag

Back in May 2010, I desperately needed a vacation – it’s hard to describe how much I needed to get away in that moment.

I ended up in Antalya, Turkey, for several nights – flying Sky Airlines to and from the city.

The airsickness bag, one of only a small number I’ve ever taken […]

Whatchamacallit 4: Northwest Airlines Mug

Growing up in Denver, Northwest Airlines as not an airline I noticed with any regularity. As a kid, the airlines that mattered were United, Continental, and Frontier – all three hubbing at Stapleton International Airport – of those three, only one exists – strangely all three are that one. (I’m talking about the original […]

Airports and Airlines XVII

I’m happy to report that 2015 had a lot of travel — more than it should have. I managed to snag my 50th US State and two more territories (or whatever you call them), plus an around the world trip that hit up a lot of amazing places. I also flew my first airline where […]

Monday, April 20, 2015, has rocked, AGAIN! Polynesian Airlines, specializing in time travel…

This is Goat Island Point on Pago Pago Harbor, as seen from my hotel room balcony.

Thanks to the magic of 35 minutes on Polynesian Airlines, from Today to Yesterday (or, as I now think of it, from Tomorrow to Today), I am having a second Monday evening – yesterday I was on a […]

Airports and Airlines XVI

My travels for 2014 are likely over — and I was surprised to realize that I had not updated this in almost two years — so I had to do a lot of thinking and examining of my calendar to remember all the new airlines, airports, and airplanes that I had used, visited, and flown. […]

Sunday at the Air Show

Look at that engine! Look at those landing gear!

Top Gun posing on the wing!

Look at that German equipment! (The drones are pretty spiffy too!)

The Swiss Air Force protecting the Berlin Airport. Or maybe they’re attacking. I cannot be sure.


Today’s Geeky / Nerdy Achievement

Assuming my Monday has gone as planned, I will now have flown into or out of, every single United Airlines hub whilst flying an airplane that said United Airlines.

Today’s flights included Tokyo Narita and Guam — my last two airports. And historically, this includes Cleveland — which will soon no longer be a hub.


Airlines and Airportx XVI

I’m not quite done with my 2013 travels, but barring any surprises, I have no more new airports this year and no more new countries. There were a bumper crop of new airports for me in 2013: LAR, MCO, and SAN, in the States, and outside the states a whopping seven new airports: LSI, KOI, […]

Airports & Airlines XV (Plus 2012 in Review)

All true, except Florida…

My 2012 travel is over – I visited 15 different airports in 2012, flew ten different airlines, visited six countries, seven German Länder, and seven US States — although I did list eight on my whiteboard because I expected to stop by Florida during my New Year’s Eve trip […]

Flying Pam Ann

my ticket!

Wednesday night I finally saw a comedian that I’ve wanted to see for years: Pam Ann.

Given how much I love travel, in particular, flying, let me just say that Pam Ann is a comedian right up my alley. She does comedy that is based on the airline industry, poking fun […]