April 2024


Party Favorite

The Favorite Webvideo at the Party is below, it raises an important question. How to Make a Caipirinha Cocktail Would you go to this bartending school? […]

Los Tres Gringos Gays get Tequila

Although none of us are serious Tequila drinkers, Jay, Murph, and I decided to take a tour out into the countryside to the center of Tequila, Tequila.

Yes, Tequila is not just a drink, it’s a town, and we hopped onboard a bus for a 250 peso (about US$25) Tequila tour showing us how tequila […]

Snail Talk

A year or so ago, I picked up Stephen Clarke’s book, A Year in the Merde. It was an amusing take exploring how an Englishman spent his year living in France, dealing with the peculiarities that come with the French setting.

Although I enjoyed the book, I never felt like buying the sequels to the […]

What to Drink?


I was complimented last night at the Heartland Crossing Applebees. I’d stopped there with Jay and Murph because State Road 67 is devoid of anything but chain restaurants.

After ordering a beer, I was carded.

It was the first time I’ve had to fish out identification after ordering a beer in a very long time.

La Fée Verte

I didn’t mention it in any of the posts I put up Wednesday, my first day back on the net, but Mateo was winging his way back to the states as I posted the entries. He was still flying home when I wrote this entry. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to post it until today, […]

Self Censorship

So I’m in Evansville, Indiana, having stopped in Odon to eat at the Odon Essen Haus-excellent Amish lunch buffet for $5.50, drink included.

My friend’s new house is fantastic, although clearly it is still a work in progress-walls need painting, floors need redoing, and stuff needs to be moved. They have made fantastic progress though, […]