April 2024


B2B: Berlin to Bloomington

I can’t say that my trip to Bloomington was super exciting—as I write this I am somewhere over Northern Indiana heading toward my final air destination, Indianapolis.

Pretty much the entire trip was uneventful in a good way. My train from Weimar to Berlin was relatively sedate (the passengers, that is). While taking the S-Bahn […]

Amsterdam, Again

I’ve been to Amsterdam too many times for me to be able to write about it from a naïve tourist’s point of view. Mateo and I had a few short hours to do the express tour of Amsterdam-which included a tour of the Anne Frank House-we were incredibly lucky, because there was no line when […]

Why Not…

For those of you who remember what was perhaps my most infamous email of all time–the one everybody but my relatives got–the bar mentioned in that email has closed, a victim of the weak dollar.

It seems that the number of American tourists coming to Europe has dropped, in particular the number of Americans seeking […]

Boom Chicago!

So one of the best Chicago-Style comedy troops in the world is right here in Amsterdam: BoomChicago.

Last night I went with K from Germany and Rui from Portugal, and we had a great time. The show was quite lively and amusing, as expected. It makes me long for having a great comedy troop near […]


Ok, so I’ve been in Amsterdam since Tuesday afternoon, and I’m having a good time. The point of the trip, today’s meeting, was productive and interesting, although we ran out of time.

I did go see a movie–“The Life and Death of Peter Sellers.” English with Dutch Subtitles. I can read more Dutch now, and […]

This is BORING

Yeah, I know. This is boring.

Sunday: Travel to Trier, Dinner in Luxembourg Monday: Trier, Germany Tuesday: Travel to Amsterdam Wednesday: Meeting in Amsterdam Thursday: Lunch in Rotterdam, other details Friday: Travel to Berlin Saturday: Berlin Sunday: Colditz, Home

Random Thought: I’ve been reading a book about Colditz, and it is rather distrubing. Combine that […]


Last night I took the train up to Amsterdam, an hours ride north of Rotterdam on the train. At either end, I took public transportation to connect to and from the train. In Rotterdam, that consisted of a Metro ride and a tram ride (including a quick stop at the hotel), and in Amsterdam, I […]