March 2023


Germany’s Going Down the Drain

I was recently reminded why Germany, as a country, is an awful, despicable, horrible country.

I bet his in-laws love having him visit…

Makin’ Porn

One of my few American weaknesses that I’ve managed to retain in Germany is my subscription to Rolling Stone.

Not that it’s easy—I have a $99 lifetime subscription that is valid only in the States, so I must rely upon a friend to receive the magazine and then to forward it to me a few […]

GayAmerica: Alabama

Via Jesus’ General.

Success… Mostly.


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The party last night was mostly a success—There were no disasters—the beer was cold, the food tasted good, and the apartment was sufficiently clean.

I’ve spent today cleaning the flat: washing dishes, hunting for missing glasses, putting stuff where it belongs, and otherwise straightening up. Everything is perfect, […]

Super… market!

I went over to the Jackson Creek Kroger, the supermarket closest to home, last night.

I needed to pick up some Twinkies and Oreos (Not for me, I swear).

The supermarket is gigantic and it unnerved me. The store is bigger than any supermarket that I’ve shopped in for the last year and a half—as […]


I knew that I was back in the States once I sat down at the Chili’s in Atlanta’s Airport.

“Hi, my name is Kimberly and I’ll be your server tonight. What can I get for you tonight?”

It was that overly cheerful and aggressive name introductory nature of America, where waiters and waitresses wear nametags, […]

It’s November here.

Well, I’ve done it.

I have done the most important civic thing I can possibly do this fall-too bad it doesn’t really matter in the larger scheme of things, but I have taken the time to vote.

I have also fulfilled an earlier pledge this fall to not vote for one Republican under any circumstance, […]

Bloomington Notes

I just got my most recent bank statement from Bloomington, and as usual the monthly newsletter was included.

Inside the newsletter, the credit union thanked Pizza Queen for catering various credit union events. The newsletter noted that Pizza Queen used to be called Pizza King, and then included a link to the restaurant’s web site: […]

Colonial Williamsburg

I was going through old emails, deleting them today, when I found this email. It describes my visit to Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, with my sister this past March.

Before you read: (1) This was for a mostly European audience; (2) I have photos, and I’ll post them in the next couple of weeks. This is […]