April 2024


Seeing the Chocolate for Chocolate, but not its form!

A couple weeks ago, just before Easter, I took a long lunch and wandered by Berlin’s branch of Galeries Lafayette, the French department store. It’s actually quite convenient to my office and since I had forgotten to prepare a dish for a party I was attending, it’s basement boutique grocery store gave me the opportunity […]

Vegetable Lasagna – Men’s Fitness Style

On my way out of the United States, I picked up the April 2012 issue of Men’s Fitness.

Normally this is the kind of thing that I’d let sit and age, remembering in June that I have it and want to read it. However, my trip to the doctor’s office needed reading material, and Men’s […]

I went to WYOMING!!!!!!

The Wyoming Fruit & Veg Co. — with fireworks. Authentically Wyoming, for those in the know!

Wyoming Fishing Area – Hunting & Fishing is authentic Wyoming recreation!

Of course, this Wyoming is a city (or village) in Rhode Island.

I’ve now been to all 48 contiguous United States.


Gay Pride Parade for One Man!

Small Town Throws Pride Parade For Only Gay Resident

Sorry! Yesterday either my blog was hacked or I was delusional.

My apologies to everybody for my post yesterday—I saw it upon my arrival to the States and I honestly do not remember writing it. II would never say “I love Frankfurt”—such a statement is outlandish.

Clearly I was either delusional when I wrote that tripe or my blog was hacked.


Happy April Fool’s Day!


This is…

Gosh, I feel a lot like Edward R. Murrow, looking out above London.

Yes, I am in London—I’ve checked into the Hilton, wandered through town, ate a late lunch at Covent Gardens, and wandered along the Thames River.

Yes, London, Ontario, has Covent Gardens and the Thames.

Positively Brilliant, if you ask me.

Covent […]

Two Bakery Photos

I took both of the photos today–one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. One made me grouchy and angry, the other amused me.

The driver of this car, WE EV 37, this morning was too important and in too big a rush to park in an actual parking […]

Twitter Notes


Plane has technical fault- problem with a battery charger. KLM pilot came out & apologized. Problem already fixed. >>

Results in @KLM, @GoodPilotNews, and @visitholland following you.


As most of you may know, I read blogs from porn stars, including Pierre Fitch. Last year I wondered aloud about him when he posted an entry that was combination My Grandmother died/Beat-Off to Me.

This week he posted this gem (Link NSFW):

Today Drake and Ken shot one hell of a hot scene. I’m […]

More on Craigslist

I’ve seen blogs dedicated to funny listings on Craigslist, and at the risk of degenerating into one of these blogs, I’ve found a few missed connections that amused me. I won’t specify which city they’re from, except to say that they are not from Bloomington.


were you on #10 bus around 5:30 […]