May 2024


Erfurt Zoo

Yesterday Chica+1 invited me to join them on a trip to the Erfurt Zoo—which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

What an awesome zoo: It was only 6€ to get in to the zoo that takes up 62.6 hectares—154 acres, or almost a section of land (if we want to talk in US terms). […]

The Replacement(s)

Here’s a place where American banking services are better: credit cards.

It was on 11 January that my bank, the VR Bank Weimar eG, sent me the letter informing me that my credit card details were stolen and that my card would be frozen, that I should destroy my old card, and that a new […]

Weimar in August

Weimar hasn’t really changed in my absence—really the only news of note, that I’ve identified, is that the city’s number one photographed monument in Theaterplatz, the statues of Goethe and Schiller, are being renovated and are under wraps.

It seems odd to me that the powers would chose to renovate the statues at the height […]

Mammoth Caves National Park

Today I added to my UNESCO World Heritage List with my visit to the Mammoth Caves National Park in Kentucky.

The last UNESCO World Heritage site I visited was just a couple weeks ago when I was at home in Weimar; the site previous to that which would actually count, as a tourist, was the […]


Today Chicago Anki and I took a trip–starting in Bloomington. The first photo ought to be easy if you know me; the other three might be challenging–I imagine Ed will instantly know the second photo. He’ll probably know the third. The fourth should stump almost everybody.


Monday with Chicago Anke

Chicago Anke arrived in Indianapolis today, and we had a series of cool adventures in Indy and Bloomington. Here are a couple of photos.