July 2024


Boston’s Freedom Trail: Simultaneously Genius and Frustrating

I was recently in Boston as part of a trip to New England – this was an opportunity to, first, strengthen my case for having visited Massachusetts (It’s no longer the state that I have spent the least amount of time in; that is now Arkansas) and, second, to walk the Freedom Trail.

The […]

Should I be annoyed or not? Readings on Matthew Shepard at the University of Wyoming

One of these is not like the others….

The University of Wyoming campus bookstore has put “The Book of Matt” next to copies of “Losing Matt Shepard,” “The Meaning of Matthew,” and “The Laramie Project.”

These last three books are all about Matthew Shepard’s murder – The first written by a University of Wyoming […]

At my gym there’s a guy who never shuts up. And it’s annoying.

Actually there are a couple guys at my gym who seem to have the need to constantly talk.

Usually I can easily ignore the Chatterbox-Chucks (and, surprisingly, it’s usually the men who are constantly gossiping) because, although they’re talking, they moving from machine to machine and not hogging any single machine.

That and when I […]

Honestly I thought I was going to wimp out, but I didn’t. No more Physical Therapy!

Last week, after my initial two physical therapy sessions, I was harboring doubts about the veracity of physical therapy. (Actually, I lie: it started immediately with the first meeting.)

As a consequence of my doubts, I sought to find out whether or not I was required to use all six physical therapy sessions that had […]

So I am proud of the fact that I pay taxes in Germany, save for one thing….

Feststellung der Zugehörigkeit zu einer öffentlich-rechtlichen Religionsgemeinschaft

Sehr geehrter Herr Adam

durch die steuererhebende Stelle des Finanzamts sind wir informiert worden, dass keine ausreichenden Information über Ihre Zugehörigkeit zu einer der Kirchen vorliegen, die auf der Grundlage der Bestimmung des Grundgesetzes zur Steuerhebung berechtig sind.

So, in today’s mail I got a letter – the […]

I’m Still Cheesed at VR Bank Weimar

Usually it’s enough to post a short thing for me to calm down, but the truth is I am still fuming about VR Bank Weimar, eG, the bank that served me for six, long, awful years.

It took moving to Berlin for me to finally do what I should have done two years ago after […]

Queer(ty) Times

I’m getting more and more perturbed with the gay rights movement—at least the visible parts of it—in America.

One of the gay “news” blogs I follow, Queerty, has followed the story about South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford with some kind of strange fixation.

While I will admit that the governor is a hypocritical anti-gay idiot, […]

Memorandum to Weimar Office Staff

To: Baristas at the Weimar Office From: That Queer Expatriate Date: Wednesday, June 3, 2009 Re: Weimar Office Conditions

Dear Staff,

I’m who you think I am: that guy who shows up with his computer and works for 3-4 hours whilst ordering 1-2 coffees and, often, a baguette with ham. The first coffee is usually […]

An Awful Day

I had an early warning, moments after my alarm went off, that today was going to be rough.


Yup, I had the hic-ups. They went away in the shower, they came back after breakfast. They went away and came back and went away and came back, more times that I care to remember.

At […]

Early Morning TV

Sometimes I have trouble sleeping–it comes in waves and the past week I’ve had issues.

This morning my alarm was set to go off at 6, so that I could catch a train to Utrecht at 7, making sure that I caught my ICE International–I didn’t trust the concept of a four minute connection. Really, […]