May 2024


Latten… whaaa?

Yesterday I made my second trip to Ikea, and just like the first, I lost track of time.

I headed there with a colleague who walked me through the process of buying a bed in Germany, something which is surprisingly different from America.

The last time I bought a bed in America, I went to […]

Guts Pie Earshot

So Thursday morning, No Nickname Guy and I trained up to Berlin, checked into an apartment, explored the city, and then went to the Guts Pie Earshot concert.

Guts Pie Earshot is described as “Live Drumnbass Punk”—and I went completely blind, not knowing what kind of music I was getting into, only going on the […]

The Replacement(s)

Here’s a place where American banking services are better: credit cards.

It was on 11 January that my bank, the VR Bank Weimar eG, sent me the letter informing me that my credit card details were stolen and that my card would be frozen, that I should destroy my old card, and that a new […]

Credit Card Update

I visited the bank today, and it seems that it wasn’t just my credit card information that was stolen, but rather a database was stolen that contained the credit card information for a number of my bank’s customers.

Had they included that information in the letter, I wouldn’t have panicked.

My new card should be […]

WWJD: Christ-like Behavior

Growing up, I lived across the street from a church.

A worse neighbor I could not imagine, so it was no surprise when one of my siblings announced this Christmas eve morning, that she was looking forward to another year of the family’s annual park-up-the-street event.

It’s the family’s way of eeking out revenge on […]

Early Objector

I did not learn how to drive until I was at least 20 years old. It was probably more like 21—and then I made up for all the driving I didn’t do between 16 and 21, by driving more in the next three years that most people drive in their entire lives.

Soon after getting […]

In Armenia

I made it.

Thursday morning at 3:30 my flight touched down and I sped right through immigration and customs into the (relatively) cool night air of Yerevan.

The trip to Yerevan was marred with two separate, but stupid, incidents; since arrival, everything’s been swell!

First, at the Weimar train station, I stopped into the bakery, […]

Two Bad Questions

Do you want to know how to annoy me to no end?

It’s easy: Call me and after I say “Hello” ask me either one of two questions: “What are you doing?” or “Where are you?”

It happened to me in the States—somebody would call me at home, on Saturday night, at 10pm and ask […]

Acoustically Exhausting

I headed to College Mall today in order to buy some clothing that I wouldn’t be willing to buy used—the types of things I was buying were things I would have picked up at Macy’s, but due to Macy’s abysmal performance in New York City, my lifelong boycott of the chain prevented me from buying […]

Die Bahn: Lügner

I realize that I am about to sound a bit like J, from Germany Doesn’t Suck, when it comes to German Trains, and to most people who live in places that do not even remotely have reasonable public transit, my ranting might seem a bit pedantic, but… oh well.

What I really do not like […]