May 2024


Current Light Fixtures


3 meters above my head.


The hallway is quite dark at night.

Living room

Too bad I don't want the light hanging below this point.

Pictures of the apartment will come along in a week or so, once I have washed and put away all my dishes, removed empty boxes […]

Moving On: An Update On What I Want.

I have to say that my decision to not take any of the apartments that I saw in June was a good one: In retrospect the area I was targeting was gay, but not diverse. It wasn’t until I settled into Kreuzberg that I realized that there were better parts of Berlin—places where there were […]

Progress is my middle name.

I have news, of sorts, concerning my apartment search.

I’m going to move soon. I haven’t seen the contract yet and I haven’t paid my deposit yet, but in theory, on Thursday, I will take possession of an apartment here in Berlin.

As I doesn’t want to reveal my specific living location (unless there are […]

My House Warming Party is Officially… Delayed

My Comfortable Future Home.

As you know, I am moving to Berlin, with a new job starting on 1 July 2010 – a mere two weeks away!

While I had confidence before, I lack it now: I will not find an apartment to my liking in time for the start of my new job. […]

Feeling Fragile

It’s hard to explain but I am really feeling fragile right now.

I think that I’m back to square one on my apartment search, plus I need to acquire a ton of paperwork, including my Schufa—the German equivalent of a credit report. To get that I need to get my Meldebescheinigung from some office somewhere […]

On Apartment Hunting in Berlin Germany

If you were anywhere near me today, I must apologize: I was behaving like an idiot.

It happens to me every once in awhile—in Germany it’s when I am apartment hunting: I suddenly don’t know what to think, say, or do. I become a blubbering idiot.

I realize that I am starting my search quite […]

Leer Wohnung

It was perfect German Efficiency.

At 07:51 I was chatting with CQ and I said, “I need to go—the movers will be here in 9 minutes. Probably 3.”

Not 30 seconds later the doorbell rang—the movers had arrived. 100 minutes later, they were gone—the furniture packed into an enormous truck and sent off for storage. […]

No Doubt

2 Rooms, Attic Apartment

I’ve heard of “buyer’s remorse”—so it makes sense to me that there is also “renter’s remorse”.

It was a few weeks ago when I first visited “Apartment Obama”, my new apartment. It was at 4:30 on a Friday afternoon, and I was joined by a colleague to look at […]


Today was a happy day for multiple reasons:

Birthday: It was my birthday! I should have baked cake for my office, but because my kitchen is in tear-down mode, I had to make do with store bought cake. Not as good; but I promised my colleagues that I would provide homemade sweets at my Apartment […]

More Chipper

I think the people I work with must be relieved that I found an apartment.

My emotions ran a bit wild the last couple weeks—centering on two key emotions: Stressed and Freaked Out versus Depressed and Despondent.

Today I have finally turned some kind of corner: the bureaucratic headaches associated with my making the apartment […]