June 2024


I have a new coffee table!

The Couchtisch, delivered.

After ordering my new couch, it suddenly dawned on me that I would finally have enough space in my apartment to have a coffee table – and so I started the quest to find the perfect coffee table.

I discounted Ikea almost immediately – I have enough Ikea furniture in my […]

Coming soon(-ish) to my apartment

My version of this sofa will come in a slightly lighter grey fabric and with burgundy red pillows. It is a sofa bed, where the front slides forward a bit and the back flips next to it, thus making a fairly large mattress — although clearly the front part, where the arms […]

For the expatriates out there: Why have you, or haven’t you, bought your home?

I’ve been doing a bit of thinking about the expats that I know and whether or not they own their own home and – ignoring those that are married to locals – I can only think of one expat who owns their own home.

Naturally I can understand why many expats might not buy their […]

I’m not handy with tools, and my bathroom door is… special.

While Koko was visiting, we had dinner with Snooker in Berlin (and her plus one), when I mentioned that I needed to have my bathroom door fixed.

“The hinge seems to be coming out of the wall, and consequently the bottom of the door keeps rubbing and sticking at the bottom,” I said. “I need […]

Stuck At Home

Ah, it’s that day of the year, again, when the meter reader for the water and heaters stops by to determine how much water and heat I’ve used in the last 12 months.

Last year I got lucky and the guy stopped by my apartment almost immediately—thus releasing me from hours of sitting on the […]

It was the light bulb.


Apparently energy-saving light bulbs do not like to be installed in bathroom fixtures. The electricity was fine. The switch, fine. There was juice at the bulb.

I have a new, non-energy-saving bulb in my bathroom ceiling fixture.

Help! Electric Light Advice Needed

So… here’s the deal: Last Saturday morning, I woke up and took a shower in my bathroom. The light in the ceiling worked. After my shower, I left the bathroom and turned off the light.

Some (undetermined) time later I returned to the bathroom, turned on the switch, but there was no light from the […]

German Promptness and Courtyard Rennovation

About a week ago I noticed a new sign posted on the bulletin board vaguely near the mailboxes in my apartment building. Usually the things pinned to the bulletin board are of no interest to me and/or are out of date. Nicely, though, out of date things are usually promptly removed.

The arrival of the […]

It’s taken me two and a half months to…

The happiest day, so far, in Berlin was the day that I moved into my apartment.

Since then I’ve made a lot of progress: the bedroom was the first to be finished, then there was a long gap: the handyman came and got a lot of stuff done, but he had to come back to […]

Six More Things Nailed Down.

Tuesday was a great day: my handyman returned and completed a number of chores for me:

The kitchen cabinets have been rehung and no longer pull away from the wall at the top; My curtains have been trimmed to more appropriate lengths. Actually now they are too short and it’s impossible to make them longer. […]