January 2023


Gulbenkian Museums

Sunday, my last day in Lisbon, I got lucky.

Oddly enough, despite having been to Lisbon twice, I have not yet purchased the Lonely Planet Guide to Portugal—so when it comes to leisure activities in Lisbon, I am exceptionally clueless. I have only my friends and my gay guide to the planet to help me.


Photo Friday: Sentimental

I find this incredibly sentimental, although I might be the only one.

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Random Tidbits

1) I need to thank Sebastian profusely for his comment on T-Com. Telling me how to switch Voicemail into English, as well as the helpful “36” command that will immediately stop 75% of the calls—voicemail calls that told me somebody called but did not leave a message.

2) I have a sleek new fridge—it was […]

Trip Alert: Southern Africa

Last time, the magic country was “Armenia.”

This time the magic country is “South Africa” and its neighbors.

I have one nibble already, is anybody else interested?

Photo Friday: Innocence

Innocence regained with baptism.

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There’s so much I could be talking about, but I figure that the political junkies have more legitimate sources for their fix. Instead I am going to talk about littering.

It came up after I saw an article on USAToday (via Obscure Store) talking about litter. It seems that concern about litter in the states […]

Photos Posted!

I’ve finished uploading my Armenian photos and there are 399 of them uploaded. If you really want to look at all of them, you can do so through my Flickr Armenia Set.

On the other hand, I’ve selected 54 of my favorites in my Flickr Armenia Best of set. Your choice.


Trip Report

Unless you are a real sucker for boring reading, skip this post.


Love One Another

One of the more edify aspects of my journey to Armenia was the realization of how deep mistrust and hatred of other peoples can go. There were two things that drove this message home, affecting me in ways I had not anticipated.

The most obvious and visible symbol of hatred in Armenia is Tsitsernakaberd, the […]

On Being A Monk

So today is Sunday, and I thought I would write about the religious aspects of my trip to Armenia.

It’s kind of funny that although I don’t really pay a lot of attention to religion, I sure spent a whole lot of time inside churches and other religious sites while visiting Armenia. I did this, […]