May 2024


Weekend in Vienna

In July, I decided that I needed to plan a weekend in Vienna in order to, uh… escape the heat of my apartment for an air conditioned hotel room in Vienna. Yup, I specifically sought out air conditioning in Vienna and I appreciated it. The dates were set: the last weekend in August would be […]

Whatchamacallit 6: nackte männer

This is the first “annoyed” whatchamacallit – the poster of nackte männer that I look at each evening lying in bed. It’s at the foot of my bed, directly opposite my head.

Why am I annoyed?

Simple: because today, Friday, after work, my plans are to go to the airport, hop on Austrian (OS) […]

Thursday Dinner in Vienna: Das Lederer

This past weekend I went to Vienna.

While I will (shortly) get to the point of what took me to Vienna, I started my trip with a trip to Das Lederer.

Conveniently it was a short (well, not that short) walk from my hotel – and it was on my must-do list. And it being […]

Frohe Ostern!


Nicht nur für Royals – Auch für Sie | Wedding Fever!

Royal Wedding Fever is setting in…

Salzburg Essen

With 3.5 days in Salzburg, eating was bound to happen.

I stayed in a 4 star hotel, but with a discount rate that did not include breakfast – so all meals were out and about.

There were several notable restaurants.

The person I was with wanted to, quite specifically, eat at St. Peter Stiftskeller. The […]

Salzburg is (mostly) charming.

So my weekend adventure is in Salzburg, Austria.

The city is most famous for The Sound of Music and all that entails.

Well, not actually, but it is probably the reason that most Americans who visit Salzburg visit Salzburg. The rest of the Americans who visit Salzburg are probably here because of the stunningly beautiful […]

Actual eMail

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Monz,

I just read about your unenlightened policies regarding Jews staying at your hotel.

I’m gay, can I stay?

Adam Lederer

— Hotel Website: Haus Sonnenhof