May 2024


Mid-January Rants on #fb #bvg #sbahnberlin #porn and wellness

I feel a bunch of rants coming on – so in no particular order:

First: On Facebook I hate people who send out blanket invitations to every event they’re hosting or interested in. News Flash: I don’t feel special – or actually “invited” – when all 1,000 of your friends are invited. Actually, come to […]

Visiting the European Capital of Culture (1999)

I had a great long weekend in Weimar.

Honestly, I’m not the typical tourist – I didn’t do the holy Goethe and Schiller thing, although I did walk past their statues in Theaterplatz.

Overall, in the eleven months since I’ve moved, not much has changed. There are a few more buildings that have been renovated […]

Early Morning TV

Sometimes I have trouble sleeping–it comes in waves and the past week I’ve had issues.

This morning my alarm was set to go off at 6, so that I could catch a train to Utrecht at 7, making sure that I caught my ICE International–I didn’t trust the concept of a four minute connection. Really, […]

Die Bahn: Lügner

I realize that I am about to sound a bit like J, from Germany Doesn’t Suck, when it comes to German Trains, and to most people who live in places that do not even remotely have reasonable public transit, my ranting might seem a bit pedantic, but… oh well.

What I really do not like […]

Die Bahn

So this was the big annual weekend: the day that all the train schedules in Germany – at least I presume all of Germany changes this weekend—if it didn’t, then this was the big weekend of massive changes to the train schedules in Thüringen.

Some how I doubt the changes were limited to Thüringen.

Let’s […]

Drudgery, of sorts.

Today was the day I was supposed to renew my residency visa, but… well, the office computer was broken, and I couldn’t be registered anew. I need to do it this week as I’m leaving Sunday, so tomorrow is my last chance. I’m planning on being there at 9 o’clock sharp, when the office opens.


Signal Failure

So the theme of my first two traveling days revolves around trains and transportation.

The first day of the journey was a headache-the first, and really only thing, to go as scheduled and designed was the train at 07:30 from Weimar Berkaer Bahnhof to Weimar Hauptbahnhof, arriving on-time at 07:35.

Unfortunately that was it-and had […]

Seat Reservations

Today on the train, a Dutch woman came up to me and accused me of sitting in her seat.

Funny enough, it wasn’t her seat. She couldn’t tell the difference between car 21 and car 24, plus she didn’t know how to read seat reservation displays, which if she could read them, would have told […]


I wish I had something witty to talk about today, but I don’t.

This afternoon I got a nasty headache and ended up wishing I’d caught the 15:08 train instead of the 16:08.

This brings me to a random observation: This Sunday night the new train schedule for the next year takes effect and I […]

Quick Takes

So, I am going to write this entry in about 15 minutes, without writing a paragraph longer than two sentences, each one a different topic.

1) The Ticket Controller on the train was too cheerful this morning: She shouted “Thank You” at everybody on the car when it was clear most of us wanted to […]