June 2024


Telling Regular Customers “No” – Why the Lenzig café lost me today.

I had a strange, but not completely atypical, experience at Lenzig, a neighborhood café, today: I ordered food and “Leitungswasser” – tap water.

Lenzig is a nice neighborhood café – the kind of place where most customers are regulars, the food predictable, and the atmosphere pleasant. It’s nothing I would travel out of my way […]

A week without coffee

Morgen Latte.

I have a strange relationship with coffee, and a terrible relationship with caffeine.

Basically, if I get too much caffeine in my system, I cannot sleep.

Unfortunately for me, “too much caffeine” is defined as “more than one cup of coffee”, or, even worse, “coffee after 11:00 in the morning”.

Given my […]

Test Driving Another Coffee Shop: Mokalola

I know that a month or so ago I praised Sankt Oberholz as my new potential regular coffee shop – but it hasn’t actually become my regular haunt – in part because it’s a 45 minute trip by U-Bahn, each way, to the coffee shop, and when I want coffee, that’s a long time.

Saturday in the City

One way that I have adapted to life in Berlin is that I’m much more likely to go shopping at street markets than I was in Weimar – principally because there was only one in Weimar and, well, it never really entered my shopping patterns to go there.

Here in Berlin, I wouldn’t call myself […]

The coffee at the Imbiss is crap, but what a view!

This morning one of my colleagues and I headed to a nearby Imbiss – I’d noticed the signs advertising it a few weeks ago and decided I wanted to go – mainly for the view, not for the food.

However it’s in a red-neck type of setting and I decided I wanted company – hence […]

Englisch, Englisch über alles

With living in an international city I’ve become accustomed to the fact that there are multilingual signs everywhere you would expect to find them: the train station (German, English, and French), the airport (German and English), and the Turkish Supermarket (Turkish and German).

However, I’m not offended when something is solely in German – say, […]

Berlin Coffee Shop Quest: Lancia Lifestyle Lounge

Date & Time: Today, Wednesday, 8 September, 2010, 09:45

Where: Berlin’s Car-Dealer and Coffee-Shop in One

Lancia Lifestyle Lounge Friedrichstrasse, “Quartier 110” (Corner of Friedrichstrasse & Mohrenstrasse, see below)

Actually, it’s more than a car dealership and coffee shop in one, it is a “lifestyle lounge” — which means that, at least inside, […]