May 2024


Thirty-two hour day….

Holy Cow! I’m holding a snake!

Today is, for me, a 32 hour day. I plan on spending it sleeping, reading, napping, some other activities, dinner, and sleeping.

How does that sound?

In other news, apparently back in 1982 I wasn’t too afraid to hold a snake. Which is pretty groovy. I probably […]

So… I had a birthday. And two birthday parties!

It’s hard to believe, but over a week ago I had my birthday – and I had two birthday parties.

The only picture I took related to my birthday parties: cake and pie — two amazing desserts. On the left is a cherry pie (as I recall), and on the right a fantastic chocolate […]

So, Tuesday was my birthday…

Tuesday was not a productive day at work: I’d baked two batches of Butterscotch Cookies and brought them to the office with me in order to celebrate my birthday.

As somebody who’s worked with a surprisingly large number of colleagues, the German tradition of bringing sweets to the office to celebrate your own birthday is […]

18:00 CET: Birthday Tuna Fish Bagel Finished

Today is my birthday – information I have purposely blocked from being public on Facebook, which resulted in me getting only (so far) one birthday greeting there.

At 18:00 CET I was at Barcomi’s, a coffee, cake, and bagel shop over on Bergmannstrasse. With me were Snooker in Berlin and Sweet No, back from their […]

Cool Birthday Present


Sugar Shock: Coca-Cola Cake

All Germans who ate my Coca-Cola Cake agreed: it’s very very sweet. And very American.

Coca-Cola Cake

Preheat oven to 350F/175C (while heating toast 1 cup (0.24l) chopped pecans in oven for Coca-Cola Icing, see below)

Combine: 1 cup (225g) butter, 2 cups (220g) flour, 3/4ths cup (170g) sugar, 3 TBS Cocoa, 1 TSP Buttermilk, […]

Celebrating being a Square: Last Friday in Evansville

So last Friday I was in Evansville, Indiana, visiting my friend, Disenchanted, while celebrating being a square—something I will be for a year before a 13-year pause before my next square experience.

This was also the day that I gave a guest lecture in her class over one of my favorite topics, Project Wagon Wheel […]



Super Dienstag

First off I want to congratulate the American media for finally getting something correct.

Today is Super Tuesday.

Unfortunately it’s not Super Tuesday for the faux reasons that the media offers up. I wouldn’t say anytime one gets to choose between an excessively old codger, Ronald Reagan Hair, or a religious nut job, it’s not […]

Basic German Etiquette

Either I bake sweets tonight for tomorrow, or I buy them in the morning. I chose to bake a Red Wine Cake. Before, below.