May 2024


Dreaming of a White…

My initial days in Colorado were picture perfect and free of snow. It stayed that way for my trip up to Ft. Collins where I had a generally good time.

Christmas morning we awoke to snow falling—probably a total of 10 inches by the time the day came to an end, and after one day […]

More Snow…

As MT has already noted, Denver is getting socked with another blizzard: anywhere from 12 to 24 inches of snow are expected in the next day or so. This snow is falling on top of the snow that is already there: in the case of my folk’s house, I would estimate that we currently have […]

Photo Friday: Weather

The weather in Denver emptied the supermarket.

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It’s a White Christmas

The snow in Denver has been substantial–close to two feet where I live, exacerbated by two facts: First there was a lot of wind, so wherever the snow was cleared, it was coated fairly quickly with a layer of snow from a neighboring snowbank. Second: It is wet snow, straight from the Gulf of Mexico.


Busted Plans

Today I was supposed to visit a sister in a city north of Denver, spending a few days with her.

However, my plans have been snowed under: a foot or more of heavy wet snow has covered Denver, making travel a challenge. Instead of driving myself, I opted to take the bus downtown, where I […]