May 2024


Almost time to party!

Tuesday at 6pm, German Time, the long Bush nightmare will be over.

I’ll be at a party with my colleagues, celebrating. In the meantime, back in December when I was in Bristol, I saw a thought provoking question.

I say we can keep blaming Bush for a few more years.


Brilliant Bristol

Anti-Climb Paint?

I realize that Christmas is almost upon us, and it might seem odd to be blogging about my travels whilst everybody is at home with family, but the fact remains that I popped over to Britain as the surprise guest at a party (and it worked), and that I chose to extend […]

Feeling Slightly Demented

Whenever I’m in Britain, I always feel like something slightly off.

I spent last night at the Holiday Inn Bristol Filton, a hotel located somewhere in the middle of nowhere in the vicinity of Bristol.

It’s the kind of hotel with a “pillow menu”.

That didn’t stop them from being British, […]

so sorry…

I haven’t been in a writing mood this week—which explains the complete and total lack of anything to read on this blog.

I have been reading a number of other blogs—trying to identify myself on Eurotrippen’s “3 simple blogging truths.” (She’s my favorite blogger right now.); trying not to snort too loudly at Jon Swift’s […]

Traveling to Britain

Obviously I am not quite sure when I will be posting this, but consider this to be a “live” as it happens trip report on my travels to Britain.

The good news is that I’m not even to the airport yet, and I feel like I have quite a bit to write about. We’ll see […]