March 2023



I just got back to my hotel (a good one) from my afternoon and evening of fun.

The afternoon was a presentation about a book that I was involved with from beginning to end—and by involved with, I can assure you that I was the only person to have read this book from start to […]

Paranoid Park

Let’s just say, my trip from Portland to Brussels was great, until I got to Brussels, and then things went downhill rapidly—from the instant the plane parked.

After having put a temporary fix on the problem, I took a nap and woke up feeling somewhat refreshed and in need of entertainment. I grabbed Brussels’ tri-lingual […]

La Demence in Brussels

By random chance, my surprise meeting in Brussels was the same weekend as La Demence, a monthly themed gay party. This month’s theme was “thugs” – so I decided to let my beard grow out for a day (I looked like a member of the mafia), wear a fake diamond (magnetic) ear-ring, and a black […]

Uppers, Downers, and Ambivalence.

There are some euphemisms here. But you already know that.

Hot guy on the dance floor within arm’s length: Upper.

Hot guy on the dance floor within arm’s length, not smoking: Upper.

Hot guy on the dance floor within arm’s length doing blow: Downer.

Seeing a guy lose his joint because the guard happened to […]

Brussels at Night

Oh how I wish I could tell you about my day. I mean, I learned a lot today. Some of it quite educational—but I cannot. Too bad.

In Brussels

It’s funny—my trip to Brussels today has reminded me of my first trip to Brussels.

On my first trip to Brussels, I flew in from Newark and made my way to the train station in the basement, where I bought a ticket to Rotterdam Centraal. I was charged some astronomical number that caused me to […]

This Week


Slept In Baked a pancake Baked bread Watched 21 Jump Street Started planning a trip to Brussels


Finished project Worked Planned trip to Brussels


Work Home Early Laundry Pack



It’s a surprise to me too.

The only problem I personally have right now is that I need a hair cut […]